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White Perfection Range by Color Studio Professional

Thursday, July 19, 2018 Sidrah Beauty 8 Comments

Color Studio Professional are back with a range of products featuring a White Perfection formula perfect for Summer. The range includes a Powder, BB Creams and a Matt Primer for a fairer, brighter and oil-free makeup. I did a first impression on my Instagram if you haven't checked it out. I've been testing these out for a few weeks, with the temperature rising these past few months makeup has been melting off my skin. 
So how did the White Perfection range last on me? Lets find out!
White Perfection BB Cream
All in one whitening bb cream adapts to your skin for a spotless radiance. Active ingredients Vitamin C and Chromocare provide whitening and brightening action. Its 3-in-1 formula helps correct, conceal and provides instant coverage.
If most BB Creams are too oily or greasy for your skin type, this is the most matte BB cream that I've ever tried. Ideal for very oily to combination skin types, this works best if your makeup tends to sweat off during the day. The BB cream is not like most since it's very mattifying, you can even skip out on powder since it dries down to a very oil-free finish. 
For the price this is the perfect go-to daily wear BB cream. The shades Fair and Light are suitable for NC15-NC20 skin tones. If you're in the medium shade range, these might be a little light for you which I always end up mixing a darker foundation to get the right match. 
Since my skin is on the combination side, I tried this with the Matt Primer and my skin was MATTE as ever. A few other times I used my normal sunscreen with a little moisturizer and the BB cream dried down to a nice finish which look great for a few hours but did need touch ups throughout the day.
Price: 595Rs.
White Perfection Matt Primer
This oil free formula dries to a perfect matte finish, reducing the appearance of pores and fine lines providing a soft focus effect. Its lightweight velvety texture applies smoothly and evenly, and brightening agents provide instant whitening and fresh looking skin all day long.

Most primers are made using silicone to fill in pores and smooth any textures, while those are great for smoothing the skin it doesn't help keep oil at bay for long. This primer however has a smooth and ultra-matte finish that provides a base for any foundation.

When I first applied it, I ended up using too much and since it's a white primer it does leave a slight tint on the skin. When using a small amount, the tint gets covered by foundation. Using the right foundation formula is very tricky on top of certain primers, most can end up breaking foundation apart on the skin so it's good to do a test with your favorite foundation before using it.

For my combination skin type, I prefer to use this on my most oil-prone areas like my nose. It kept oil at bay for a very long time before any touch up.
Price: 950Rs.
White Perfection Face Powder
White perfection is a revolutionary lightweight powder compact with skin brightening ingredients. Long wearing, water resistant and waterproof formula keeps the face shine free whereas anti-oxidant action protects skin throughout the day.

Definitely my favorite from the range! If you've tried Color Studio's pressed face powders'd know that they make your foundation budge proof through sweat and oil. With the White Perfection powder it give a light coverage while mattifying the skin. 

It has a similar formula to the Matt Perfection powder that comes in the black packaging, it mattified my skin really well and set my foundation and concealer for all day wear. 

I highly recommend trying this powder out for daytime wear, when makeup tends to melt from higher temperature.

Price: 750Rs.

Overall, for the price these products are worth it for a daily makeup look for those struggling with oil and sweat. To purchase the White Perfection range, order on their website or through Guilt Hub.

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