Spa Day at Rejuve by Aliya Farooq

Monday, April 30, 2018 Sidrah Beauty 4 Comments

Sometimes the only way to really relax and practice a little self-care is with a day spent at the spa. I honestly feel it's must nowadays with a busy lifestyle. With SOO much going on be it work, home, chores or trying to keep a social life...taking a break from it all at a spa really centers you. 

So I was graciously invited at Rejuve by Aliya Farooq, located on Tipu Sultan road which is amazing! Since I live so far from defense and clifton, it's the perfect location. I was nothing short of excited to spend the day with a few of my blogger babes. 

The menu for the day included quite a few services to try out! The services I went for was the Candle Body Wax Massage, Guinot Face Gloss and a Pedicure.

While all of the services were amazing, I HIGHLY recommend the candle wax massage. The experience was like no other. The hot candle wax oil really helped the soothe my tired muscles and the aroma alone was relaxing. I really want to visit again because it was that amazing!
Massage Room

The staff and event was absolutely amazing. The catering was done by Le Saint Honoré Pâtisserie, which their French pastries were DIVINE!

If you're looking for a pick-me-up at a relax, chill spot I would recommend visiting Rejuve. There's plenty of different services worth checking out! Visit their Facebook Page for more details.

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  1. Wow. This looks like so much fun. I personally enjoy going to the Spa too. Shall check the place out.

  2. OMG I am gonna check out the candle wax massage eeeee

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