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[REVIEW] Rivaj Glitter Eyeliners - 7 Shades!

Sunday, January 14, 2018 Sidrah Beauty 1 Comments

Not gonna lie, ever since the Stila glitters have boomed on the scene I've been wanting to collect them all. Since they cost $25 each, my wallet said NOPE. So here's a local alternative at just 250rs these Rivaj Glitter Eyeliners are some of the prettiest glitters I've used since ever.

Right To Left
✨05 Copper
✨06 Skin
✨08 Peach
✨09 Silver
✨10 Bronze
✨11 Gold
✨18 Magenta Pink

Some of the shades have large glitters while others have a color base, perfect as a eyeshadow topper.

The only downside to these is the lack of longevity, since one of the main ingredient is water AND glycerin the glitter can easily be wiped away with just a tissue...no makeup remover required. If you're planning to wear these for 3-4 hours you're good, just use a tacky base or a glitter glue if you want to wear these all day!

Overall these are amazing to use to brighten any makeup look! It doesn't flake off or look chunky when applied all over the lid. It looks beautiful with any makeup look! Do NOT skip out on these!

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1 comment:

  1. yaar yeh wali rivaj kai eyeliner khareednaye hai mujhye. looks amazing..