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My Top Money Saving Habits for 2018!

Wednesday, January 03, 2018 Sidrah Beauty 0 Comments

With the start of 2018, even though we can mentally think of it as a clean slate we can use it to its advantage to reflect on what we need to improve on as time goes on. 
As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized one thing...how wasteful my spending habits have become. Now don’t get me wrong I’m responsible when it comes to my bills and home expenses but when it comes to treating myself to nice clothes, makeup and dining out I’ve realized 2018 has to be the year to change where my money goes. 
I’ve decided that this year is when I save month to month and analyze strictly where I spend my money. Here are a few tips I want to continue with through 2018 to help change my spending habits. 
Lipsticks at MAC Dubai- Sale does not mean you're saving!
Track Your Monthly Budget!
One habit that I’ve kept up with is using an app to track my expenses. If you’re on IOS the Expense app is so easy to use. I enter every single purchase and income to track how I’m doing in the month. 
I want to utilize this even further by strictly not spending on frivolous things like a lipstick or a random shirt from the mall, keep a set amount on what you need and not give into temptation.
Keep A Separate Savings Account And Don’t Touch It!
When all your money is lumped into one account, it’s easier to just spend it since you’ve saved it. Think of it this way, it’s taken you how many months or years to save up and you’ll just mindlessly spend it on a shopping spree?
Keeping a separate bank account and only keep your debit card to that account. Leave your saving account ALONE! 
Sale Does Not Mean You’re Saving!
For me makeup and clothes are my weakness. That too when I discover a SALE! I mindlessly go through shopping sites if I see a sale and end up buying one item or the other only because of the sale. 
The best way to really save from a sale is if you actually have wanted the item for months. If it’s a skincare you’re running out of that you’ll purchase anyways or an eyeliner you love. Do NOT buy just because it’s discounted. It’s a trap!!

Learn To Love What You Have
Material things have really become a huge part of our lives. We always want more and new. The clutter adds up eventually. For 2018 I want to really LOVE what I own and make use out of all the makeup I own and use it until I’ve 80% finished it. Makeup does go bad and it’s a waste to not love what you own. 

So these are a couple of my tips to help save more money this year and focus on the BIGGER picture! Hope it was helpful <3 Share your favorite money saving tips with me!

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