[REVIEW] Pixi Skincare + Fails!

Friday, December 29, 2017 Sidrah Beauty 1 Comments

Pixi Beauty has been one brand I’ve been tempted to try out for ages. When it comes to skincare, it’s difficult to find affordable products that actually work on the skin. Unfortunately my overall experience with Pixi wasn’t the best.
I picked out these 4 products based on online reviews and most of them have done nothing to my skin! I purchased these in July and have been using these regularly since then. Let's review these!
Glow Tonic
The most coveted product from the range, everyone and their mom raves about this product. I’m not sure what it is but I didn’t notice any change to my skin after using this consistently for a few weeks. I’ve read it takes about 2 weeks to notice any change but that wasn’t the case for me. The toner is great to removing excess dirt, it doesn’t lightly exfoliate as other toners I’m use to. It does contain Glycolic Acid so I’m still going to use this until I finish it up.
Glow Oxygen Mask
I mentioned this product in my fails of 2017, this has to be the worst mask I have ever tried. It’s a bubble mask that is supposed to bubble once applied on the skin. But does it do that? NOPE! When I apply it with my finger it doesn’t bubble at all and just sits there like soap. When I apply it with a brush it does bubble up but not enough to make a difference on the skin. A strong pass on this!
H2O Skin Drink
As I’ve gotten older my skin isn’t the same anymore, there’s more dryness and patched around certain areas so I wanted to get this to wear before applying any foundation. It has a gel/silicone texture which works well as a primer for makeup. I wouldn’t say this intensely hydrates my skin but it’s an OKAY product. It’s not a must have in any case.
Overnight Glow Serum
I was looking for a night serum to help with dryness, this is literally just Aloe Vera. It has a very tacky texture just like aloe vera and it doesn’t SINK into the skin at all. It doesn’t leave the skin smooth in the morning, I always wake up with tacky, dry skin in the morning after using this. I used this consistently and didn’t notice any change.
Flawless Beauty Primer
It's funny how a freebie ends up being a favorite from my haul lol! This is a very pretty glowly primer! It as a slight pink tint that brightens up the complexion. It applies beautifully and primes the skin really nicely with any foundation. I will definitely get a full size of this once I run out.
Mac Strobe Cream, Loreal Magic Lumi, Pixi Primer

Overall I’m so disappointed in the products I purchased from Pixi. What are your favorites from the brand?

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