Products I Regret Buying in 2017!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017 Sidrah Beauty 0 Comments

It’s the end of the year! Which means it’s time to reflect on all the money I spent on makeup and skincare. I definitely found some gems that I purchased however these products are some that didn't work for me, even with all the hype!
Pixie Glow Oxygen Mask 
This year I bought a few pixie skincare products. This however was such a fail! This bubble mask does absolutely nothing for my skin. It barely bubbles and feels like a shower gel on the skin and it leaves behind a residue. This is a major no and a complete waste of money!

The Body Shop Hand Cream
I never go for The Body Shop products, usually when things go on sale I’ll see if I find something worth picking up. I wanted a good hand cream and heard amazing reviews about TBS line, this however was not hydrating enough. It smells amazing but my hands always feel dry after. Not recommended at all. 

ColourPop Super Shock Highlighter – Lunch Money
It was the year of highlights and this one was so hyped! So many YouTube gurus mentioned this as their favorite but I can not figure out how to blend this on top of foundation. It looks patchy and not at all glowy. It’s just not enough glow!!

MAC Strobe Cream
Before I tried the Strobe Cream I had been using the Loreal Magic Lumi which I love! It’s very lightweight and glowy on the skin however the Mac Strobe Cream is so thick and feels heavy. I'm not sure if this one in particular is expired but it even has a strong off-putting scent. The consistency I don’t like at all and it doesn’t give a glow so I prefer going with the Lumi. 

OFRA Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks
Lastly, Ofra was a brand I discovered and bought during their sale so the Vintage Vineyard collection were at a very discounted rate. The formula is not at all long wearing and fades so easily. The colors are pretty but formula wise I prefer something to set on the lips to a flat matte finish. This has a more creamy consistency which will work for drier lips but I hardly reach for these since I know I’ll have to touch up in 2 hours if I do wear them. I hardly reach for these in my collection!

What were some of your product fails this year!?

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