[REVIEW] Wet N Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powders

Saturday, September 30, 2017 Sidrah Beauty 0 Comments

Wet n' Wild Precious Petals Highlighter
When it comes to highlighters, I'm in a committed relationship with Wet n' Wild. There's no comparison to these highlighters than anything in my collection. While I do own the ABH Glow Kit, I reach for these 2 highlights more often for a beautiful ethereal glow. If you haven't tried these highlights yet, you are missing out!
Precious Petals MegaGlo Highlighting Powder is a medium rose gold with a metallic sheen. The texture is very creamy that applies easily with any powder brush.
Hollywood Boulevard (now Boozy Brunch) Shimmer Palette is a true champagne gold with a metallic sheen. The texture is very smooth and applies like a dream!
For an intense sheen spray a little I'd say spray a little fixing mist on your brush after you dip into the product. These are already so metallic that this step helps to keep the highlighter on all day.
Let's Talk About It:
For the most pearlized sheen to your skin, do NOT sleep on Wet N Wild. These are the most beautiful powders I have in my collection hands down. I've owned Hollywood Boulevard (now Boozy Brunch) for about 3+ years now, it was the first true highlighter I ever purchased and it has yet to fail me. Not to mention I have so much product still in the pan. I don't feel the urge to buy any high end highlighter after purchasing this. The true champage tone is so flattering on our desi skin tone.

My newest pick is the Precious Petals highlighter, while it's different more creamy consistency I find it gives a little less of a sheen to the skin. The tone has a pink-rose gold hue which looks lovely on an every day look. For a brighter pop I always use a fixing mist on my brush after I've dipped into the product.  

These shimmery powder highlighters can be applied anywhere from the cheekbones to the eyes for a touch of color and a whole lot of glow. Overall I'd say these are a must have for any highlighter junkie, even if you're into high-end makeup these will not disappoint.

For purchasing these are for $4.99 but are available on various Facebook pages for about 800-1100PKR.

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