#Sparkistan Celebrating Pakistan's Unsung Heros

Sunday, April 16, 2017 Sidrah Beauty 0 Comments

When a company takes the initiative to create powerful and moving campaign to spotlight some of our country's most talented and hard-working individuals, it just goes to show how much we can do with our time to make the most valuable and life changing efforts. This is exactly what Atlas Battery's Sparkistan campaign has done.
Atlas battery took the initiative to spotlight the story of 15 unsung heroes. These individuals shared their story and their struggle to achieve a goal to better Pakistan as a nation. Each hero had a unique and positively uplifting story to share.
Syed Fahad Ali from Karachi took education into his own hands and built the Aghaz School. The school offers free education to every child who simply can not afford it. He made the best of circumstances and brought education to children along with school supplies. While growing up, Fahad had to endure the struggles of studying in a government school and vowed to take matters into his own hands when he gets older. He did just that. 

Zymal Umer is Pakistan’s Youngest Social Entrepreneur. At 9 years old she founded the social project dubbed Zee Bags. Seeing trash, pollution and waste all around her city of Sargodha, she created reusable bags using old recycled newspapers and sells for a mere 70PKR. With the funds she donates and helps underprivileged orphan children. She sparks creativity while helping thoes in need. 

Master Ayub from Islamabad is an educator, philanthropist and civil servant. After a full day of work and on the weekends his spends quality time teaching underprivileged students. As of now he educates over 200 students who are enrolled in his school. What started with just 4 children in Islamabad grew exponentially. He is an inspiration to everyone who can spark change in children's lives. 
Champa is a courageous woman who knew that there was a harmful to burn ash while cooking food. In villages, using an open flame emits harmful smoke that causes illnesses. When she was residing in Mirpur Khas, she was trained to create earthenware eco friendly stoves. As she moved back to her village, she handmade 20,000 stoves for fellow villagers to protect them from harmful smoke. These stoves have made it safer to cook and can withstand any flood. She teaches women how to create these stoves using bricks, clay and sawdust. She brings a spark to help others and bring change to her community. 

For more inspirational stories of the remaining unsung heros, check our the Sparkistan campaign by Atlas Batter on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

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