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Tuesday, April 04, 2017 Sidrah Beauty 2 Comments

I don't know about you guys but I hardly ever take time out from my busy schedule for a little pampering. After visiting Mona J Spa & Salon and meeting with her during the Atiqa Odho Cosmetics event, we were given a voucher to avail a free service. Since the 30th was my birthday I decided to take the day off and spend it at Mona J for a Facial Cleansing and a Pedicure.
 Mona J Spa & Salon Review Karachi Blog

As soon as I entered for my appointment, the lovely and gracious Mona J was there to greet. I love that she's very involved with her salon and remembered that I was at the Atiqa Odho event. The ambiance of the entire spa was very warm and relaxing. I love that even though there were a few photo shoots going on, the demeanor of the salon was calm and not at all hectic.  Mona J Spa & Salon Review Karachi Blog Mona J Spa & Salon Review Loreal Pro Fiber Karachi Blog


Situated in a small yet cozy room, the pedicure was done with a few essential products. From filing to scrubbing to a mask and a warm foot bath. My feet felt renewed after my toes were painted with Essie's Wife Goes On. The mood lighting of the room is my favorite and also the light music because who doesn't love to feel completely relaxed during a pedicure?  Mona J Spa & Salon Review Karachi Blog
 Mona J Spa & Salon Review Karachi Blog Mona J Spa & Salon Review Karachi Blog Mona J Spa & Salon Review Karachi Blog

Facial Cleansing
With the same ambiance at the pedicure room, the dim lighting and the airy music was very rejuvenating. The room was kept at a cool temperature. The facial started with a basic cleansing, scrub, mask and blackhead extraction (the toughest part). Every product that was used felt very luxurious on the skin, the scrub smelled like fresh mangos! and the mask has a fresh minty feeling on the skin. My skin felt and looked absolutely fresh and rejuvenated.
Mona J Spa & Salon Review Karachi Blog
Mona J Spa & Salon Review Karachi Blog

Overall I had a very relaxing time at Mona J, especially for my birthday it felt like the perfect way to start my weekend. I highly recommend the salon if you're looking for a quick pick me up!

For those interested the Facial Cleansing is priced at 2,000RS and a Pedicure is for 1800RS. Visit Mona J Spa & Salon on Facebook to schedule your appointment.

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