Gem Stone Jewlery Pieces from OMG Jewelz

Tuesday, September 01, 2015 Unknown 3 Comments

If you're looking for quality jewelry pieces without breaking the bank, I've found just the place! As an online shopping junkie, it's hard to figure out which stores really are worth spending money over. 

OMG Jewelz is a relatively new online shop dedicated to trendy jewelry pieces that came under my radar recently. I was a bit hesitant to review jewlery since as many of you know I frequently shop from AliExpress for inexpensive jewelry, but once I got these in the mail I don't think I will ever buy cheap jewlery again! Let's take a closer look these pieces.

I'm not huge with necklaces but I must say, this piece is stunning! I wish there was a way to SHOW how heavy this chain is. It's not flimsy at all, I can really compare this to branded pieces since the finishing is smooth and very shiny. Since the chain is quite heavy in weight, the hooks are just as sturdy. The pendant paired with the multicolored gems and stones really makes a trendy piece. This definitely calls for a minimal outfit when wearing this out!

Price: Rs. 1,050.00

I'm in love with this bracelet, just like the necklace this piece has a stunning high quality finish and weight to it. I really like the color combo in this piece since turquoise, green and blue just looks classy. The hook on this bracelet is sturdy and isn't bendable at all. Even the gems are secured so there isn't a chance of them falling out. There is a matching Gem necklace that goes with the bracelet which is just as classy.

Price Rs. 750.00
After trying out these 2 pieces I'm definitely going to be placing an order with them soon! The site is very easy to browse around and there are multiple photos of each item. If you're planning on ordering, rest assure that all of the pieces will be packaged securely in bubble wrap. 

If you're going to purchase something from OMG Jewelz, you can save 5% off your order using the code "sidran" upon checkout to save a little money. The site does provide free cash on delivery across Pakistan and they ship worldwide at a flat rate shipping charge of $5. 

For more information you can visit OMG Jewlez on Facebook. Let me know what you think, have you shopped from the site?

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