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Plenty of brands have been launching textured polishes and funky nail toppers, thus comes Sally Hansen's Fuzzy Coats! These are exactly what the polish is described as...fuzzy/feathery top coats for your polishes. These multi-colored, thread-like texture gives off a 3D feather effect with a clear nail polish to layer over any nail polish. I have 2 shades to share, Peach Fuzz and Tight Knit. 

Fuzzy Coat

Special Effect Textured Nail Color
The ultimate outfit for your nails! Sally Hansen continues to lead the nail category with new 3D, unique textures inspired by fashion. Fuzzy Coat transforms nails with a 3D textured, woven fiber effect.

Application Tips
Shake gently. Apply 2-3 coats (depending upon desired effect).

Dries quickly
Unique fiber texture
Provides a 3D look
Multidimensional shades
Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat 400 Tight Knit
Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat 400 Tight Knit Swatch
Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat 300 Peach Fuzz
Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat 300 Peach Fuzz Swatch 
Layered on top of Color Studio Haute Wheels 

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat in 300 Peach Fuzz just reminds me of a perfect summer manicure with yellow thread-bars with hints of a light peachy orange. Fuzzy Coat in 400 Tight Knit is a true royal blue with white mixed in

Formula of these fuzzy coats are pretty smooth to work with without getting overly clumpy on your polish. The texture evenly distributes onto the nail polish without finicking with it. The brush size is average, nothing special about it, while it applies the polish very evenly you can end up with empty spots on your manicure. The fuzzy texture gives a 3D effect which feels rough on the nails so I always top it off with Revlon's Colorstay Super Top Coat to give it a smooth and glossy finish. 

I love how these can jazz up a manicure without looking overly glitzy like most glitters end up. These add a fun colorful effect to the nails

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat polishes are available at Priced at $6.99

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  1. I love how they look so fuzzy and cozy in the bottle and all party like when applied x

  2. They are super cute...and fuzzy :) loving them

  3. Eeep both these look super pretty! ^_^

  4. both are looking so pretty with combination

  5. they are so pretty <3 can never resist a cute nail color