Shopping at Daraz.pk

Friday, July 12, 2013 Sidrah!!!! 9 Comments

Online shopping has opened up a portal to try out new brands, Daraz.pk is one of thoes all-under-one-roof fashion sites with a variety of shoes, handbags, outfits for men and women a whole lot more. I really love the variety of items on the site and especially the sale section which I am always a sucker for! I got the chance to shop on the site with a giftcard worth 1000rs so I picked out a pair of Silver sparkly heels. While browsing on the site, I wanted to pick out a handbag but I couldn't decide on what I wanted. I like how the site mentions the size and dimensions of everything. 
After I placed my order, I immediately got a confirmation after about 10 mins. Then after about 2 days I got another call for my order to be shipped. The site mentioned that my order will be delivered within a week so I was surprised I received it within 3 days. I really like the quality of the heels, I have yet to wear them out. The size is a tad bit too big for me but they do have a return policy if you do end up with the wrong size. 

Overall Daraz.pk know how to make your shopping experience as comfortable as possible!

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  1. Everyone is picking sandals. Nice pick x

  2. The heel looks more comfortable than mine ;) and it wasn't available when I ordered . I guess they keep updating new products . Nice pick :)

  3. Looks pretty!everyone got footwear haha

  4. Daraz is popular now a days in bloggers ahhan..:)

  5. Awesome i ordered truck art bangles :)

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