[REVIEW] Rimmel Apocalips in Apocalyptic

Friday, May 24, 2013 Sidrah!!!! 12 Comments

Some serious hot pink lips coming you way! I’ve been madly obsessed with hot pink lips lately especially with the hot summer months I love wearing something bold and bright. I picked up the much talked about Rimmel London Apocalips in Apocalyptic after hearing amazing reviews on it. Lets see how it worked out for me!
Rimmel Apocalips in Apocalyptic
Apocalyptic is a vibrant off-the-charts hot fuschia pink. It’s a gorgeous shade, I picked this one up because it stood out the most for me compared to the other shades in the range. 
Rimmel Apocalips in Apocalyptic
Rimmel Apocalips in Apocalyptic
Rimmel Apocalips in Apocalyptic Lip Swatch

Let's talk about it:
The consistency of the lip lacquer is very thick and rich so you get a good color payoff even with the thinnest layer of application. With a thin application is dries matte but with a full coverage application it has a satin texture finish.

The applicator is really unique in delivering product on your lips. With the formula being very creamy and opaque you just need a little amount to cover your entire lips. It has a dense center so you get too much product on the applicator. Because the shade I picked is so intensely vibrant, the dense center works horribly. I end up with too much product on my lips which then transfers onto my teeth. I tend to use a lip brush for a precise application then I go over it with the applicator wand if I want a rich color. 

Although I love the color, I prefer wearing it with a thin layer which gives a soft wash of color without looking too bold. I love how you can tone down the color to make it more daytime-friendly. The product does settle into fine lines on the lips after a few hours when the gloss texture wears off. Although it doesn’t dry out my lips, it does feel a bit tight. The staying power does last for hours without touchups, I prefer applying a bit of lip balm if I notice it settling into fine lines.

Overall, I love the whole concept of these but with such a bright color the applicator is really a pain to work with since applies too much product.

-Vibrant Color Pay Off
-Creamy Texture

-Accentuates Fine Lines
-Applicator dispenses too much product

Rating: 3.5/5
Price: 975Rs

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  1. Wow, very gorgeous red, looking beautiful on your lips!!

  2. VERY pretty! I have Luscious lip couture, and I think they are same. So, I am not planning to buy them. xx

  3. apocaliptic looks absolutely gorgeous.

  4. You picked such a gorgeous shade! :) xx

  5. this is super pretty<3 I have Nova & Celestail & loving them bith :)

  6. That's a super hot shade! :) GOod review!

  7. I have this too! It is a lovely shade. Looks really nice on you :)



  8. I have my eye on this one. Looks good on you

  9. I have this is in big bang and Celestial. Wonderful pigmentation.