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[REVIEW] Wet n' Wild Comfort Zone Palette

Wednesday, February 13, 2013 Sidrah!!!! 13 Comments

An eyeshadow palette that I've been craving for the longest time! I finally got my hands on the much awaited Wet n' Wild Comfort Zone palette featuring 8 richly textured eyeshadows. 4 in browns and neutrals and 4 olive shades, let's check out this palette up close!
 Wet n' Wild Comfort Zone Palette Swatches

Let's Talk About it:
I'm sure there isn't a single beauty fanatic out there who hasn't heard amazing reviews about Wet n' Wild eyeshadows. I was expecting these eyeshadows to be more on the creamy side since each shadow is highly pigmented. The texture of these are powdery but is formulated so it clings to the skin easily without too much fall out. I swatched the shadows WITHOUT any primer and I was truly amazed at how easily these apply on the lid with a brush. Blending the shadows wasn't difficult since the texture is easy to work with but the shimmer does leave fall out.

All of the shadows have a shimmery finish. The 2 lightest Browbone shades have more subtle shimmer compared to the rest of the shades. My favorite shade out of all of these is the Peach tone Eyelid shadow, it's perfect for an all over lid shade paired with a matte brown shadow. 

Both of the Definer shades and Olive Crease shade have bigger specks of sparkle but doesn't show up highly shimmery on the eyelid. I do wish the palette consisted a matte shadow, either a matte brown or matte cream color as a highlight. 

As for the wear time on the lids, since I hardly ever wear eyeshadows on a daily basis I wasn't able to test extreme longevity but with a eyeshadow primer these can wear well for hours without fading or creasing. The times I did test the shadows I didn't experience any creasing or fading after 4-5 hours of wear. 
The Look:
Shadows: Light Cream (highlight and inner corner), Olive (all over lid), Deep Green (outer corner and lower lash)
Mascara: Catrice Maximum Resist Volume Mascara 010 Blackest Black
Liner: Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil in Black Fever

-Highly pigmented
-Variety of shades and tones
-Easy to apply
-Easy to blend

-Shimmer fall out
-Not easily available
-No Matte shades

Rating: 4.5/5
Price: 720RS (price may vary)
Available: BeautyInBudget4u

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  1. was waitin fo ur this review !

    beautiful swatches & super wearable colors , pretty palette & nice review :)

  2. Beautiful shades..you can do so much with this palette :)

  3. Really like the color choices in this palette.Nice EOTD :)

  4. Have heard too many amazing things about this one, should get it soon but the non availability doesn't let me. Lovely eye look! So fresh!

  5. Always love your eye looks , green is the best shade in palette

  6. I really love this palette. The quality is great (not top-notch, but still awesome), the price is good, and I love how well the colors work together. I use this frequently.

  7. wow.thisone is a great palette and a must have in 2013.love the olive color.Great swatches.the look u created is so pretty.xoxo

  8. I adore this palette! I wish Wet'n'Wild started doing more mattes again like with their Seven Deadly Sins palettes x

  9. WnW eyeshadows are so amazing. Just look at their pigmentation. x

  10. I want to get W&W Palettes <3 This one is so gawjuss xxx

  11. this palette has the most amazing neutrals, great eyelook !! xx

  12. Beautiful! Really want to try these palettes :) xx

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