[REVIEW] Essence 2 in 1 Hand & Nail Balm

Thursday, February 07, 2013 Sidrah!!!! 12 Comments

When the winter season begins, I always need to carry a hand cream with me in my purse during the day. The Essence 2 in 1 Hand & Nail Balm Care cream promises to hydrate and protect during the cold dry season. Let’s see how it worked out for me.

Let's Talk About it:
The Essence hand cream comes in a convenient squeeze bottle perfect to carry around. The product has a very unique subtle scent, I can't really pin-point it but it’s almost like a yogurt/vanilla scent since it contains ingredients of yogurt extract. It’s not a strong scent and it fades after a few minutes of using. The cream has a nice consistency, not too thick or too watery it’s ideal to use often throughout the day. I like that it doesn't leave my hands feeling greasy or sticky which matters most to me for a hand cream.

The cream feels really nice on the hands especially if your hands are dry because of the cold weather. It hydrates the hands enough that it doesn’t leave a greasy residue all over the place. The hand cream sinks into the skin after about 10 minutes. If you suffer from very dry hands, I recommend using a larger amount of the cream since it doesn’t have enough moisturizing properties to hydrate the nails and cuticles with a small amount. I did end up reapplying the cream a few times through the day and I didn’t notice any drastic changes but if I end up using a coin size amount the cream will feel more hydrating.

Portable packaging
Creamy consistency
Absorbs quick

Not hydrating for cuticles
Not suitable for very dry hands
Need to use a few times for better results

Rating: 3.5/5
Price: 160RS

For more information, you can find Essence Pakistan on Facebook

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  1. im somebody with very dry skin in winters:/ gues its a no no for me!!x

  2. For the price, it seems nice. I don't mind reapplying if it smells nice and absorbs quickly :)

  3. oh this one sounds good.but i dont think it will work for my PYASI skin in winters hehe.great review.Cheers :)

  4. woww sucha bargain ... nice review :)

  5. these are good ones.I have one of these on my vanity always.

  6. Dear from where did you buy this product???

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