OPI Outrageous Neons Swatches

Tuesday, January 22, 2013 Sidrah!!!! 17 Comments

OPI Outrageous Neons is a set of 4 mini polishes, a mini white base polish and a mini top coat. This set is great for those who love a bold manicure. The polishes are all very sheer on their own but applied over a white base gives these colors a vivid look. 
Ridiculously Yellow, Formidably Orange, Riotously Pink, Seriously Purple 
White Base, Top Coat
White Base is opaque in just a single coat. It’s by far the perfect formula for a white base polish, non streaky and easy to apply. 

Top Coat gives a nice shine to the nails but takes forever to dry. Even after 30 minutes my nails were still not completely dry.
OPI Outrageous Neons White Base
Formidably Orange is a vibrant orange that is easy to apply. It shows up opaque with 2 coats on top of the white base. 
OPI Outrageous Neons Formidably Orange

Ridiculously Yellow is a neon yellow. This was opaque in 3 coats on top of the white base.
OPI Outrageous Neons Ridiculously Yellow

Seriously Purple was the only difficult polish to work with. It's a straight purple which looks almost like a dark pink if you don't apply enough coats. I used about 4 or 5 coats and it still looks sheer and uneven.
OPI Outrageous Neons Seriously Purple 
Riotously Pink is a bright hot pink that shows up opaque in 2 coats with the white base.
OPI Outrageous Neons Riotously Pink

Overall I love the vibrancy of all of the shades with the white base. The base is a perfect opaque white that applies very easily without leaving streaks on your nails. Seriously Purple was the only disappointing polish since I love the shade of purple and I would've liked the shade to show up opaque. Without the white base it can work as a sheer polish which doesn't look bad at all, it'll just give a very toned down shade of purple. 

For the rest of the colors, these all give a very matte texture without the top coat. Once the top coat is applied it gives a gorgeous glossy finish to the polish. I can't pick a favorite out of the bunch since I love the out there shades of yellow, orange and pink. 

Have you tried out OPI's Outrageous Neons yet?

To purchase OPI in Pakistan visit their Facebook page for more information. 

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  1. I love bold neons. These look great! xx

  2. the idea of a white base is new to me but I like the fact that the it will enhance the real colour of the nail varnish...the price of the set is not mentioned?

  3. This is a genius set for someone who likes to do nail art as it has great color variety. :)

  4. Lovely swatches..The set looks great! <3

  5. I love ridiculously yellow.If this Top coat takes 30 min to dry it kills the point of top coat which is neatness since A LOT can happen to wet pollish in 30 minutes

  6. love the name outrageous neons :) x

  7. so lovely range neons are excellent for pretty hands :)

  8. They are SO cute! Love all the shades xx

  9. A very awesome range of neon shades. ♥

  10. woww i m in love with neons these days ... love the shades n review

  11. omg ! Love the shades so so much !
    Looks amazing.
    xoxo <3

  12. shades are very pretty and finish is excellent

  13. i had reacently wore Riotously Pink to an occasion it's gorgeous.

  14. Ooh, I actually really love white base. I find it hard to find great quality whites!

    Lela -

  15. Aww!!! I love those shades <3