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Wednesday, September 19, 2012 Sidrah!!!! 16 Comments

After seeing plenty of Facebook Pages selling adorable fashion jewelry from AliExpress.com, I had to get in on some of it! I ordered a variety of artificial rings, earrings and bracelets from Yun520 on July 16 and I received them this past Saturday..yes it took more than 2 months for me to get my things but it was worth the wait considering I got all of these (and more that my mom ordered) for $30. Each item was about $1-2 if not less. So here is what I got!

Charm Bracelet
Bow Ring - Adjustable
Two Finger Bow Knot Ring -  Size 6
Camera Ring - Adjustable

Belt Buckle Ring -  Size 6
Peacock Ring - Adjustable
Belt Buckle Ring -  Size 6
Bronze Camera Ring- Adjustable
Peacock Ring- Size 6

Flower Ring - Adjustable
Overall I had a fun time shopping online, after that it was just stress-ville not known when my order would arrive. The store has a huge variety of items so you'll find loads of cute stuff. The quality however is OKAY, some of the bronze rings look very rusty so I might take a toothbrush and give them a scrub. 

With these sort of artificial rings and earrings I always have to apply a clear coat of nail polish to keep them from turning copper and also to avoid my fingers from turning green. These sort of earrings also make my ears itch so the nail polish will also help to protect them. I did do a blog post about this that you can find a how to on here

The metal bracelets are a huge size, if you have thin wrists I don't recommend getting these. All of the rings fit on my ring finger, which is a size 6. These are similar to the stuff you can buy here, the quality isn't spectacular but you can save some money by shopping in bulk.

I only recommend shopping online at this store if you don't need  them in a rush. 
What's your favorite pick from my haul?

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  1. i am so loving this haul... all rings are so good.

  2. lovely things! love the peacock and flower rings!! xx

  3. Flower ring and the Peacock ring is gorgeous. Awesome haul, I just recently discovered this tip of applying clear nail polish to save jewelry, some of my necklaces gone black after a few wears, I wish there is tip to bring back shine and color to my jewelry.

  4. wish to steal all from u :D

    Following u ^-^
    Giveaway Dose

  5. all the rings are fab esp peacock and belt buckleand rustic camera...wow I must say:)

  6. Yes, you are right, the quality is not what they show in pics... I got this camera ring and one has to think for a minute before labeling that hideous metal as a camera! and i also have those green ear rings, got them for PKR 750!!! You saved some bucks :)

  7. Nice and cute collection sweety..reading ur blog was a great time ... Lots of regards from Srena just followed u..:-)

  8. love the jewelry , really tempting

  9. So the wonderful jewerly of this store that I absolutely love are totally awesome. The silver ring is defenetly my favourite! I use it every single day and all the other stuff are absolutely amazing! Loved everything and you guys should visit there website now at Rings & Tings!!!
    Designer Rings