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Wednesday, August 01, 2012 Sidrah!!!! 8 Comments

I always carry around my makeup, but brushes? I never have space for them. Today I will be reviewing the Japonesque Touch Up Tube, a brilliant concept that more brands should come up with. It holds 5 brushes in a sleek metallic tube, perfect for beauties on the go!
Five Essential Brushes In a Sleek Compact Case

Encased in a bright, sleek tube designed for portability and protection, the JAPONESQUE® Professional Touch Up Tube Set contains five brushes essential for keeping makeup flawless throughout the day or night. This unique set includes a foundation brush, a lip brush, two eye detailers and a blush/powder brush. All brushes feature a short matte wand for superior control. A great multi-tasking set ideal for the purse, desk drawer or as a gift.
The Touch up Tube comes with 5 brushes
-Small Smudger brush
-Eye shadow Brush
-Concealer Brush
-Lip Brush
-Powder/Blush Brush
Small Smudger brush
Eye shadow Brush
Concealer Brush, Lip Brush
Powder/Blush Brush
To Sum it up:
I really like the concept behind creating an all around brush set for traveling. I did keep in mind that the quality of the brushes wouldn't be the same standard as a full size brush set. The smaller brushes are really nice to use. The Small Smudger Brush is great so applying eyeshadow to the lower lash line, I would have liked to see an eyeliner brush in this kit since I do prefer wearing gel liner so it would be great if I could carry that around. The Eye Shadow Brush is good for packing on color and also blending eye shadow out, I really like this for the crease since I use the Concealer brush as an eye shadow brush. The Concealer Brush is a bit thin to apply cream products and blend it out, this would be great to use for blemishes but I didn't find a use for it. The Lip Brush is perfect, it's my favorite out of the 5 since its the perfect size for my lips, most of the lip brushes I own are very tiny and this one is tapered so I find that it works really well for applying a dark lip color. The Powder Brush  was the most disappointing since it sheds and its very rough. Since it's for touching up, I don't mind using it specifically for touching up but I would not prefer to use this brush on a daily basis. Overall its a good concept, I like carrying this around since it's so chic looking. 

Price: $20
For more information you can check out Japonesque on Facebook as well as their website.

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  1. Oh even before i read your review i could tell that the powder brush would be rough and scratchy! doesn't look like the softest one in the pictures!

  2. this looks so handy n cute, wish the quality was equally good though!x

  3. The Powder brush looks rough. The packaging is really cute. xx

  4. Ohhh i love this :) thanks for sharing!

  5. the powder brush looks pretty rough :( great review though. I like the concealer brush :) xx

  6. It is so handy and great for traveling.How cute it looks.

  7. Yup, you are right.... More brands should come up with such travel friendly packs... But for now, you have me thinking, i'm now searching for a compact case to put in some of my brushes;)))

  8. This is so cute and color is also very girly . Thanks for sharing <3