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A good quality makeup brush can make applying your makeup so much easier. For today I am going to be reviewing a few synthetic brushes from Abbamart, which is a beauty supplier store. They do carry a range of animal hair brushes but they have a great alternative which are synthetic brushes so I tried out a few from their Toray Fiber range.

About Abbamart
Exploring and culturing your personal beauty is therapeutic, fulfilling, and just plain fun! Abbamart is excited to offer professional-grade cosmetic tools at a price that won't limit your possibilities.

Because Abbamart is owned by its supplier, you get true factory-direct pricing, just like the high-end brand names that buy and resell brushes under their own labe

About Toray Fiber Brushes

Toray Fiber is 100% synthetic nylon hair, extremely soft and plush, great for sensitive skin.The beauty of synthetic hair is that we can make each strand universally smooth and even, unlike animal hair which has a completely different cellular structure with more ‘pockets’ and variation in each individual hair. That nature gives great distribution and blending ability to the brush, but truly there is nothing quite like that cool, silky feel of a Toray tuft. 

Flat Luxury Toray Kabuki Brush

* Large, flat top kabuki brush made from silky, luxurious Toray fiber
* Unique, broad shape and full hair lets you apply mineral makeup products with a single soft stroke
* Provides beautifully even, full coverage when used with foundation
* Sweep color or shimmer down your neck or across your collar bone
* Try this brush for lightly applying bronzer to the entire face or body for a glowing, tanning effect

Toray Chubby Contour Brush

* Thick, small angled powder brush made with dense Toray fiber
* Angled cut sweeps on and blends face color in one stroke
* Small tuft and short handle allows you to contour and highlight with precision and control
* Luxurious Toray hair is soft and plush against the skin

Retractable Toray Auto Brush Large
* Large-sized black auto brush made from silky Toray fiber
* High-class styling and design
* Domed shape with long, full hair makes this an ideal brush for use with mineral and powdered foundation, bronzer and shimmer
* Cap keeps the bristles clean and preserves their shape in between uses

Let's Sum it up!
I'm really impressed by these brushes. At first I was really skeptical on how these would perform but they haven't shed or lost their shape even after washing them. They blend out products seamlessly and pick up pressed powder easily. The Contour Brush has been my go to blush brush, the size is small so it's easy to carry around in my travel makeup kit and it's very dense so it picks up a good amount of product. The Flat Top Kabuki Brush is great for liquid and powder applications, its very dense and buffs products into the skin very easily. The Retractable Brush is great for traveling, you can even use this as a blush brush since it isn't so wide.
Since all of these Toray Fiber they all have the same texture to the bristles, they don't feel plastic-y at all and they are super soft and doesn't eat up a lot of product. These don't have any distinct bad smell to them, actually they don't smell of any odor whatsoever. The brushes are definitely affordable, the Prices of their brushes start from $2+ which is another plus point for me!

They do ship internationally, in Pakistan shipping is lowest shipping cost is $4.95 depending on your order amount.

Overall you can't beat the quality and price of these brushes. I definitely recommend trying them out.

You can find them on Facebook as well as their website.

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  1. WOW, these look very nice for the price. So glad they ship here. :) xx

  2. They do look quite soft! And they don't shed or have that bad smell to it and are affordable sounds like a win win! :)

  3. Great review. For the price of it, they are amazing. xx

  4. Wow that's great that they don't shed or lose shape. Sounds like a good deal!

  5. Im always in love with good brushes, no matter how much i have already haha!

  6. I love how dense the flat top kabuki looks!!! That one's my favorite from all of these!

  7. I love the flat top brush :) If they don't shed then its a big plus :) Thanks for sharing <3 xx

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  9. Thanks for the info, will check out these brushes!

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  10. Hey ! I've been looking for makeup brushes that ship internationally since there aren't very many types available where I live. Thanks for posting this !
    xx - Serena