Tote your way into Summer!

Monday, July 30, 2012 Sidrah!!!! 13 Comments

A perfect summer handbag for me should be bright, bold and should be able to carry EVERYTHING yet having a casual vibe. Some might say oversized bags might be an outfit killer but it really depends on how you carry it. The bag in focus today is from D Philosophy by Deepak Perwani. It's a rich, bold large bag filled with embroidery all over.
D philosophy is a pret brand from the house of Deepak Perwani. D philosophy is simply put the philosophy of Deepak Perwani, a fashion designer who believes in putting the fun back into fashion.

D philosophy suits the every day needs of women who are looking for clothes with a little oomph, some drama and lots of character. The D philosophy collection is based on a vibrant color palette and exquisite and unique embellishments which gives each outfit its own character and identity. D philosophy is being stocked at Deepak Perwani's flagship stores in Lahore and Karachi. 
The Bag is described as: Hand-crafted traditional woven handbag using a bright printed dastar khwaan with jewel embellishments with a wooden handle.

This has been my go to weekend bag whenever I visit my relatives. This bag can carry everything! My makeup bag, my camera bag. I love how bold and vibrant the colors of this bag is. It really makes a statement for the summer. 

Whats your favorite bag for the summer?

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  1. So many pretty colors in one bag! Ahh this is the epitome of summery! Love it

  2. This is such a PRETTY and CHIC bag. I love Deepak Perwani's bags collection.

  3. Beautiful bag <3 the color & design is great!!!

  4. Such vibrant colors, love this bag? I wonder what's the price and is it available only in Karachi?

  5. bag is unique in its making and design<3

  6. This is so funky. I am loving it. :D

  7. i've loved it ever since it came out:)