Layering Fashion for Work

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3/4 Sleeve Dotted Blouse
I’m sure some of my readers are working women, or about to enter the workplace. Ever since I finished university I found myself looking over my wardrobe and noticing that the clothes I use to wear during that time was far too casual. Jeans and t-shirts and even cotton outfits will not cut it once you start your career, especially when you want to send a proper message across with your attire. Now I’ve noticed that you can easily find affordable clothes in the city, not only in malls but bazaars and even online shopping.

Crochet Lace Open Blazer
My favorite type of work attire is layering. It’s the ideal fashion trend that can balance your figure for those who are a bit insecure. It’s also perfect for those who want to cover themselves while also being trendy.

I prefer layering with a chiffon top over a button down shirt but just make sure to wear a fabric that is a bit easy flowing so that it won’t look too stiff. For me I love the concept of layering because I can easily hide areas that I’m not happy with, if you want to conceal your 

waistline you might find layering very helpful in hiding such areas. Just be careful not to look frumpy when you do decide to layer.

So what’s the best way to layer? Start by picking a lighter color top to wear under a dark shade cardigan. I always pick a bright color shirt that has a collar so it looks more sophisticated for work. Then I pair it up with a neutral or black cardigan. 

Everyone knows that dark colors do make you look slimmer, this doesn’t really mean that you should always wear black go for neutrals such as beige. You can easily layer a scarf on top if you want to wear it for work. Other clothing items that can be layered are blouses and vests, adding a bright scarf can really amp up an outfit. 

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