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[REVIEW] Mineral Hygienics

Saturday, June 09, 2012 Sidrah!!!! 14 Comments

I've been seeing so many raving reviews of Mineral Hygienics so I decided to check it out myself! With mineral makeup, you'll be sure to get all natural ingredients from lipsticks to eyeshadows from the brand. Today I will be reviewing 2 products from Mineral Hygienics; Warm Kiss Mineral Bronzer and Sheer Perfection Matte Finish.

The Mineral Hygienics Story

It all started with a pimple.

We didn’t set out to revolutionize the makeup industry. When Mineral Hygienics first started, we were conducting extensive testing to create a skin-friendly line of products to treat acne without harsh side effects. But in working with hundreds of women of all ages and skin types, we discovered that more often than not, there was a common culprit behind most mild acne problems: bad makeup.

Armed with a lab full of research, we turned our focus to creating the perfect makeup – one that didn’t just make your skin look good by masking imperfections, but was actually good for your skin. We’ve spent years perfecting an all-natural formula that uses the fewest number of ingredients in the industry – in exactly the right combination, for exactly the right results.
Lets start with the Sheer Perfection Mineral finish in Matte!


All of the benifits of our Sheer Perfection Mineral Finishing Powder, Plus the added benefits of oil absorbtion. 
If you are prone to oily skin. Use this special powder to reduce oil and shine. Use as much as you need, all throughout the day, it won't cake up or enlarge your pores.
Mineral Hygienics- Sheer Perfection Matte Finish
Lets sum it up:
The Sheer Perfection Matte Finish is a translucent power that goes on colorless on the skin. For me a matte finish powder is an absolute must for my t-zone, with my combination skin my t-zone tends to get the most oil build up. A matte powder should keep my face matte throughout the day, I hate doing touch ups throughout the day. Like most powders, pairing it with a foundation that has a dewy finish will end up eating the loose powder away. With this Sheer Perfection powder, it lasts only 2 hours before the oil just washes the product off. Even without wearing a foundation, this doesn’t keep my face matte over moisturizer. I’ve tried pairing this with a few different products such as primers, but nothing seemed to work to get it to wear longer than 2 hours.  

I like how it doesn't add a white layer on my skin like some translucent powders do. The powder feels really soft when applied on the skin and blends out evenly. It does cover up my pores when I use a powder puff to press the product into my t-zone since I need a better cover around my nose and forehead. 

This would work really well for someone with normal skin for the summer if your not prone to oil build up on your t-zone. 

- Colorless
- Natural Finish
- Soft texture
- Blends easily
- Hides Pores

- Not Long-wearing

Price: $19
Rating: 3/5


Everyone's favorite! Soft, sheer, subtle sunkissed glow. Create the illusion of radiant, sun-kissed skin! Use as a healthy looking complexion booster, blush, cheek contour, eye shadow or lip color. Our Sheer Mineral Enhancers are light, natural and are perfect for color adjustments to your foundation.
Mineral Hygienics- Warm Kiss Mineral Bronzer
Mineral Hygienics- Warm Kiss Mineral Bronzer Swatch 

Lets Sum it up:
I rarely ever use bronzer in my makeup routine, but this product has changed that! Lately I've been using a tiny bit of Warm Kiss bronzer. I apply it to cheeks and it gives a really nice contour that looks like a blush color. With a small amount it almost looks peachy. The bronzer has a tiny bit of shimmer but it doesn't show up on the skin so it gives a matte finish. I recommend using a small amount because the texture is dry and it becomes difficult to blend out. I wouldn't recommend this for dry skin. This does wear relatively longer, about 5 hours then it fades. 

- Multi-purpose
- Natural finish
- Super Pigmented
- Long wearing

- Dry texture

Price: $20
Rating: 4/5
Availability: Mineral Hygienics online

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    1. During the summer my skin gets more oilier then ever, its the weather I think.

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