Color Studio Professional Blush Range Swatches

Sunday, June 10, 2012 Sidrah!!!! 17 Comments

It's a Color Studio Professional Blushfest! I did a detailed review of Shade 104 Havana that you can check out here. Today I am going to be swatching the rest of 4 Pro Blushes in the range. The range has a limited color selection but each of these are definitely unique. I've become a blush addict now with these shades, check out them if you get a chance to visit a Color Studio Pro kiosk! 

Pro Blush Shade 101: Audacious Orange
The brightest of the bunch, peachy-orange with subtle shimmers. The shimmers don't show up much on the cheeks.

Pro Blush Shade 102: Natural Glow
A really natural peachy shade with subtle shimmers, this is my go-to blush for daytime. If you have light to medium skin tone it will show up really well, for darker skin tones I would recommend to skip this!

Pro Blush Shade 103: Pixie Pink
A straight up matte soft pink shade, great for a soft pop of color. This would be perfect for someone who is new to blushes.

Pro Blush Shade 105: Pinkify
A matte dark pink, almost reddish in the pan but it blends out into a bright pink. 


Price: Rs.550
Available: and your nearby Color Studio Professional kiosk

For more information you can check out Color Studio Professional on Facebook as well as their website.

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  1. All the shades are SO pretty and wearable.

  2. Nice swatches, i love the natural glow and pixie pink :)

  3. all the shades are soo beautiful <3

  4. I checked these out at Naheed recently! Loving Natural Glow and Audacious Orange!! But they all are super pretty <3

  5. I am in love with these! They are soo good. I went into the store with pinkify in my mInd but bought pixie pink instead. And the pan is SO huge!

  6. I am loving all but natural glow is really pretty one

  7. Pixi pink and pinkify are gorgeous...very affordable as well!

  8. Wanna buy this natural glow blushon