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[REVIEW] Krave Minerale Eyeshadows

Saturday, May 19, 2012 Sidrah!!!! 13 Comments

Mineral makeup is definitely a product worth trying. As I've mentioned before, I am a huge fan of mineral products. I love it when new brands pop up and come up with unique shades of eyeshadows. Today I will be reviewing a new collection of eyeshadow from a Philippine brand Krave Minerale.
Krave Minerale Eyeshadows
About Krave Minerale:
KRAVE MINERALE COSMECEUTICALS is a Philippine company & brand of mineral make up & organic skin care products that are all formulated & manufactured in the USA by a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant facility. Products are imported from the US and legally distributed in the Philippines with all the necessary regulatory requirements from the United States of America and from the companies that formulates & manufactures the whole product line. The ingredients in all our products have been assessed, approved and certified in compliance with the EU Cosmetic Safety Regulations and US-FDA (The United States- Food and Drugs Administration).
NON- COMEDOGENIC (won't clog pores)
NON-ACNEGENIC (won't cause acne break outs)

Accentuate your eyes with our mineral shadows that are extremely long wearing, multi-purpose & range from delicate, soft tones to bold & vibrant hues. Its not too sparkly nor too glittery, just the right amount of sheer you need for a natural allure.
The skin in our eye lids, crease and under the eyes are too delicate that due to the use of chemically-formulated eye shadows/glitters/liners/mascara will eventually cause fine lines, wrinkles, and dark under eye circles.
Krave Minerale's Mineral Satin Sheer Eye shadows does not contain FD&C dyes or added colorants such as carmine, just pure crushed minerals that will truly enhance and soothes your skin. 

It can be mixed together to create your personalized shades. Use wet for lining, foiling and layering for dramatic eye effects.

Mica, Boron Nitride, Titanium Dioxide. May Contain: Iron Oxides, Tin Oxide, Ultramarines, Ferric Ferrocyanide

Krave  Minerale  Eyeshadow Swatch
Mint Tea- Shimmery yellow green
Eclairs- Shimmery deep green
Blue Croissant- Shimmery navy blue
Bubble Gum- Shimmery sea blue
Krave  Minerale  Eyeshadow Swatch
Banana Split- Shimmery butter yellow
Gold Puff- Shimmery bronzey gold
Silver Biscotti-  Shimmery dark grey
Grape Jam-  Shimmery plum
Krave  Minerale  Eyeshadow Swatch
Black Coffee- Matte black
Matte Mocha- Matte dark brown
Vanilla Cake- Satin off-white

To Sum it up:
I swatched the eye shadows by adding a drop of water to the product with a flat shader brush to give a better color pay offIt is very sheer on its own and the camera was not picking up the color. You do have to layer this on dry about 2-3 times to get the right pigmentation. 

Mineral makeup is not everyone's cup of tea. For me I prefer the finish of mineral eyeshadows than pressed pressed eyeshadows because its easy get the right consistency. For foiling the product (applying it wet) it gives the best color payoff! It gives a gorgeous metallic finish. You can always go for a soft wash of color on your lids, do make sure to apply a primer so the product can adhere to your skin.

If you don't own an eyeshadow primer then I found that using a white eyeshadow pencil or eyeliner works really well to getting the product to stick and last all day. Otherwise the eyeshadow will start to fade after a few hours. 

The 11 shades are all very versatile, each shade can be used on its own since it gives dimension to your lids. The only difficult shade to work with is Black Coffee, it was very difficult to swatch since its very chalky. Matte shadows have a tendency to be difficult to work with. The shadows are all similar in finish except for Vanilla Cake which has the slightest sheen to it, Black Coffee and Matte Mocha are both pure matte shadows.
- Wide shade selection
- Metallic shades are wearable.
- Easy to apply wet

- Matte shades difficult to work with
- Have to be layered if used dry
- Requires a eyeshadow primer

Rating: 4.5/5
Available: Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals Webstore

For more information you can find Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals on Facebook

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  1. hmmm, nice review, lovely colors, brown, banana split, grape jam and blue criossant :)

  2. great review ... love the colors...

  3. The colors are REALLY pretty. Personally, I am not a fan of using mineral makeup, but I love them at the same time :D

    1. I know what you mean! They are amazing to use but get very messy :p

  4. they look quite pigmented. nice!

  5. I really like all the earthy colors,they look very smooth and rich,great swatches!

  6. Wow. The last three shades are so intense.

  7. The first swatch picture looks LOVELY. I have never tried mineral shadows before, they look quite pigmented!

    1. Yea the shades are very wearable! You have to try mineral makeup one day :)

  8. All the shades look really pigmented. I also don't like when I always have to use a primer under specific shadows but I also love the fact that when I use the primer, the eye shadow looks amazingly awesome. Thank you for the review :)

    1. Its hard to get mineral makeup to stick without a primer, every mineral makeup brand should come out with a specific primer for their products!

  9. So happy that Krave Minerale has reached Pakistan. Thank you Sidrah for introducing Philippine brand in your country :)