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[REVIEW] Glamorous Cosmetics--Long Stay Lipsticks

Wednesday, January 11, 2012 Sidrah!!!! 13 Comments

Glamorous Cosmetics is a cruelty free brand based in the United States but formulates its products from Europe. They offer a wide range of affordable products from nail polishes to foundation. Today I will be reviewing the Long Stay Lipsticks in Two Lips, Sure Thing, Sunblind which promise a lasting lip color for thoes late nights.

About Glamorous Cosmetics
Glamorous offers everyday women the ability to indulge in the exotic, delivering beauty and youth from Athens. Simplifying morning routines and beauty budgets alike, the brand combines innovative products at prices beauty buffs can afford.
Glamorous Cosmetics began in 2005, formulating products in Athens, Greece, expanding throughout Eastern Europe and Balkans and are now offering these revolutionary European creations within the United States. The collection has three different lines which include Glamorous, G by Glamorous and Supreme, each providing a unique color spectrum. All of our makeup is produced in-house in accordance to the highest standards and regulations of the European Cosmetics Directive and is animal friendly.
With over one hundred nail polishes, amazingly pigmented and moisturizing lip wear, eye enhancing shadows and much more, the Glamorous experience is forever changing. Immerse your skin in the natural minerals of the earth and reveal the Greek goddess within.
Long Stay Lipstick in Two Lips -14, Sure Thing -17, Sunblind -7

What Glamorous Cosmetics Say:
Our Glamorous Long Stay Lipstick was formulated for the most demanding lips. This amazing lipstick is infused with vitamins A & E and combines color, texture, hydration and protection while offering a lasting application for those long days and nights! Special thin case designed for easy transport. 22 colors to choose from!

All of these lipsticks have a matte finish but still provide moisture which is why they show up smooth on the lips. Two Lips is a soft rosey pink. Sure Thing is a cherry red. Sunblind is a peachy pink.
Long Stay Lipstick in Two Lips -14 Swatch
Long Stay Lipstick in Sure Thing -17 Swatch
Long Stay Lipstick in Sunblind -7 Swatch

To Sum it up:
I wouldn't say these are long lasting. I find that with matte finish lipsticks they do generally last longer. I really like how easily these apply and very smoothly. You do have to apply a few layers to get a opaque color, they aren't sheer. They are not drying at all but I find that these sink into my lips and after a few hours it doesn't feel like I have anything on. These lasted about 4 hours on my lips without a lipliner but I am sure if I used a lipliner they would last longer. These have a scent which I can't pinpoint but it is somewhat fruity that might be bothersome if you don't like scented lip products. These contain 1.5g of product which is half the amount you would get in a normal lipstick so these will get used up pretty fast.

- Smooth application
- Hydrates lips
- Doesn't dry out lips after use
- Lasts 4+ hours
- Opaque 

- Contains less product

Rating: 4/5
Price: $7.00

For more information check out Glamorous Cosmetics on their websiteTwitter, Facebook, or YouTube.

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