[REVIEW] Essence Gel Eyeliner in 01 Midnight in Paris

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Kohl eyeliners never work for me. I find that no matter what brand I use after a few hours I end up having raccoon eyes. No matter how much black eyeshadow I set it with they never last long and end up smudging through the day. Liquid eyeliners are a bit better but I find that they end up fading through the day. Thus comes the gel eyeliner known for being the longest wearing product for eyeliner. The Essence Gel Liner in 01 Midnight in Paris is opaque, jet black and has a creamy consistency. I picked this up after visiting their launch at Naheed's Super Market here in Karachi I knew I wanted to try this gel liner.
I love this brand! Their packaging is so adorable and the quality is just amazing. Their general market is for teenage girls since their products have such low prices. 

01 Midnight in Paris is a smooth mousse-like jet black gel liner that dries to a semi-matte finish. The product comes in a glass pot with a plastic lid. This is one of those products where a little goes a long way! Just the tiniest dab if product can line your entire eye.

Essence Says:
It's ultra-smooth gel formula allows an accurate application similar to liquid eyeliner. The range offers various effects, such as matte or shimmering. Simply dip the special Essence Gel Eyeliner Brush into the pot and effortlessly paint a perfect quick drying line. You're left with an ultra long-lasting, smudge and waterproof look! Available in three colors.

The product is super creamy, more like a mousse texture. It dries within couple of seconds once dried its completely smudge-proof and fade-proof. I find that when I apply a thick layer it doesn't dry completely and it transfers to my lid. The color doesn't fade at all and its super waterproof! I really like using this in my upper lashline, it doesn't irritate my eye at all which most products do when I apply product there.
Essence Gel Liner 01 Midnight in Paris Swatch
Essence Gel Liner 01 Midnight in Paris Swatch
To Sum it Up:
Overall a great product. The product applies really smoothly, it takes the tiniest bit of product to line your entire eye so the pot will last you a very long time.  It lasts a very long time on my eyes without budging. I love using this product, the application is really easy and I find that it doesn't make my eyes water which has been an issue with my sensitive eyes. Since it is a waterproof product my oil based makeup remover didn't work that well however extra virgin olive oil easily removed the product. 

It comes in 3 other colors London Baby (brown), Berlin Rocks (deep plum) and I Love NYC (green).

- Pigmented
- Soft texture
- Easy application

- Waterproof
- Doesn't fade

- Difficult to remove
- Smudges when applied too much

PKR 460 available at Naheed's Super Market in Karachi
$3.49 available at Ulta


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  1. oh this looks pretty good, i'll check this out..thankyou for the review <3

  2. this looks great! esp for the price!!definitely gonna check this out :) xx

  3. The price is not bad.Like the pigmentation as well.Thanx for the review:)

  4. You've lined your eye pretty neatly! Great review. Haven't seen any of the essence products in Islamabad though :(

  5. nicely done!!! thanks for the review!!!

  6. WOW!! Thats so dark and looks so pretty on your eyes!! I am gonna check this out :)

  7. Awesome .. Would love to try this out <3 <3 xxx

  8. looks a great product .. will def give it a try ...

  9. Wowwwww it's super black! I will definitely get it when I run out of my black gel eyeliner! I recently got the purple one and it's so pretty, hopefully it will be available there too soon! x

  10. Wow. This looks great for the price. I'm gonna try this one as soon as i run out of my current gel liner <3

  11. The liner looks amazing! And for the price of it, it is even more amazing. I will pick one of the color for sure. Thanks for sharing :)

  12. love it:):)
    follow my blog too

  13. I was worried what ill have to use when i run out of my wetnwild one...! Now i know! Gel liners are a staple in my make up collection! Nice Review =) Essence rocks!

  14. This eyeliner is amazing!

  15. That is such a cute liner!! Gosh, you are so beautiful! I love this eyeliner too, I only use this and my Nior Liquid Eye Liners.