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WishTrend is an online store in Seoul, Korea that supply beauty products from various brands. Some of their beauty products include cleansers, toners, serums, masks and pore treatments. One of the brands they offer is Caolion which provide pigment-free, fragrance-free, and alcohol free skincare . They are famous for using 100% all-natural ingredients. The Pore Minimizing Pack promises to reduce pore- size while giving a calming and cooling effect. I've been testing this product out for more than 2 weeks now so lets see if it helped my pores!
What WishTrend say:
Skin Elasticity UP, Minimizing Pores OK!
It helps to make the enlarged pores elastic and soothe the skin trouble.
And it delivers moisture and enough nutrition to the skin with natural ingredients.
CAOLION Pore Minimizing Pack controls the sebum secretion, absorbs the skin wastes & makeup residues and removes dead skin cells.
Therefore it helps to make the enlarged pores elastic and soothe the skin trouble.
And it delivers moisture and enough nutrition to the skin with natural ingredients.
Properties of CAOLION Pore Minimizing Pack:
-No antiseptic, No alcohol, No pigment, No fragrance, No mineral oil
-Control of sebum secretion
-Relieving the skin trouble
-Formation of a barrier of moisture
-Decreasing the size of pores
How to Use
1. Apply evenly to dry face after foam cleansing. 
2. Rinse off after 10- 25 minutes.
※ Tip: Keeping cool in the refrigerator optimizes the effects.

For an even application I used a synthetic flat foundation brush, something cheap will work really well. I found that when I apply it with my fingers i ended up with a thick layer so it took longer to dry. Once it dries it hardens so then you can just use warm water to wash it off. 

The Pore Minimizing Pack is suitable for all skin types. It looks similar to a clay formula and it takes about 15-25 minutes to dry. It doesn't have any scent and its free from alcohol so it will not dry out your skin. While using it is gives this really refreshing tingle that feels cooling as the product promises which is from the peppermint extract. It has helped in tightening my pores as well as giving a deep cleanse removing dirt and oil. 

After the first time I used it my skin did not feel dry at all, it felt soft, supple and free from oil especially around my t-zone. I noticed that even after a day my skin still felt clean and oil-free.

My Results:
For 2 weeks I've been using this mask, I used it every other day since it wasn't drying out my skin. I apply it all over my face and wait about 20 mins then I remove it with a warm washcloth. Til now I haven't seen any major changes in the appearance of my pores around my nose but on my cheeks it has lessened. The texture of my skin has changed to being more softer and less oily. I do have the most hideous pores around my nose as you can see. 
To Sum it up:
I really like the after effects of using this product. It doesn't leave my skin dried out while also reducing the amount of oil around my t-zone. I really like how this product keeps my skin soft for more than a day, most masks end up giving you a soft texture to your skin but it will only last for a few hours and your skin ends up being oily again so I prefer using this. You receive 100g of product which is a lot since its a thick product so you don't need a lot to use it all over your face. I didn't see any major changes on the appearance of my pores.
- No Fragrance
- Doesn't dry out your skin
- Leaves skin soft
- Reduces oil
- Applies evenly
- Doesn't dramatically reduce pore size
- Pricey
- Only available online
Rating: 4/5
100g tub is priced at $30.99

For more information you can check out the product here. You can find WishTrend on Twitter, Facebook and their website.

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  1. I can see it has minimized the pores. Nice product! :) xx

  2. Wow, thanks for the frank review. :) Now we are trying to show our items at off-line store. We will do our best more following as your disliking point. have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Seems like a nice product. Can see a visible difference. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Looks good!! Thanks for the review :D

  5. visible difference in your pores

  6. Thanks for the honest review and the before and after pic.

  7. I can see a difference but the price tag is putting me off. ;)

  8. Thank you for taking your time to write this review and show up some pictures ^^.
    Really helpful.
    Now I'm hesitating if I should buy the product or not.
    But again, thank you ^^

  9. Thanks for the review of our products. You can see more products at ! Wishtrend will be the hub of Korean cosmetics. Thanks again and have a wonderful day !