The Missed Rouge Bunny Rouge Blogger Meetup

Thursday, January 12, 2012 Sidrah!!!! 8 Comments

This past Sunday was the Rouge Bunny Rouge Blogger meet up that would've include RabeeyahRakhshandaRuqaiyaSara and I. After the first Karachi blogger meetup Rouge Bunny Rouge offered to arrange a special meetup with a range of products for us to try out! Unfortunately I wasn't able to make it because my dad fell ill that morning so he couldn't take me. In the sadness of missing out a wonderful event I ended up getting the items today so here is what I received!

Color Burst Lipsticks

  • Word of Mouth
  • Scrumptiously Devious
Original Skin Blush
  • Gracilis
I will definitely be doing reviews of these little gems! 
Thank you so much Rouge Bunny Rouge for arranging the meetup for us! 

If you want to see photos of the event you can check out Rakshanda's post hereSara post here, and Ruqaiya's post here.

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  1. Great products!! I love their lipsticks!! Cant wait to review :)

  2. i love scrumptiously devious! great products!!:D

  3. Thank God! You got them safely! Love your picks! <3 xx :)

  4. oooh like the red lipstick!

    Just started a beauty/fashion blog hop! come and join in