2012 Beauty Resolutions!

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Since the new year has arrived I've been reading numerous blog posts on new years resolutions! So I have been inspired to implement some beauty resolutions to really improve the way I use makeup
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Finish a product!
Ever since I got into makeup I always like to try out new things or try out my moms products. I think sometimes I end up NOT using a product because I like it so much so I don't want it to run out...psychologically insane. I honestly can think of only 
2 products that I have ever come close to finishing. I think using up a product in its entirety should be implemented because makeup ends up expiring especially with creams that dry up.

Learn to contour!
I can never for the life of me contour my face. I am always afraid of doing a bad job so I will start practicing more. 

Toss out the old!
Before beauty blogging I didn't really own a wide selection of products. I used my moms lipsticks and blushes which were ancient.  So with the start of the new year I have already tossed out a few lipsticks, eyeshadows and blushes.

Keep it clean!
Hygiene. We never really think about the germs and bacteria in our makeup. Just like in science, if we use a product and start double dipping into them or use our fingers we are adding more and more germs to our makeup. So I will definitely keep a makeup sponge to whip off my brush with.

Moisturize those nails!
Before blogging I never took care of my nails. When I started doing nails of the day I noticed my cuticles were extremely dry and were all over my nailbed. I have started to make a habit of applying some olive oil on my cuticles before I go to sleep which is helping really well. 

Files nails every week!
Again, I never took care of my nails and even now my nails are chipping which is due to not filing them. So at least once a week I want to keep them in a neat shape.

So I hope that my beauty resolutions gave you all some ideas! What are some resolutions that you are planning on implementing this year?

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  1. great post n some great resolutions :)

  2. haha, good luck with keeping these intact :D

  3. Im with you on 1,3 and 5 :) good luck mate! x

  4. grt post..i have 5th n 6th one

  5. Lovely post! I have to start taking care of my hands too!

  6. Great resolutions! I do the same thing with saving my perfume for special occasions so I know what you mean!

  7. haha, the nail thing should definitely be one of my resolutions :) great post!


  8. Nice New Year resolution and I think no one can make such a beautiful plan for the year as you make. I think I should also include some of these tips in my plan. Great