[TUTORIAL] Almost a Rainbow Eyes using Nature's Brilliance by Sue

Sunday, December 18, 2011 Sidrah!!!! 17 Comments

Hello Everyone,

So since I received a few eye shadow samples from Nature's Brilliance by Sue I wanted to play around with the colors. For my review on the eyeshadows you can see them here. 

Here is the look I came up with! Its a fun multicolor look, if you want a toned down look you can simply use the blue and purple as a liner on the lower lashline.

Lets start off with a base, I wanted the shimmer to be a bit vibrant so I am using a creamy eyeshadow pencil from Davis Eye in No 20. 

Apply a vibrant orange on the center of the lid, leaving the inner corner bare. I used Sunset Peach making sure to pack on the color with a flat shader brush.

Using the same brush, wipe off the excess and pick up a shimmery pink toned red. I used Primrose Princess applying it on the outer corner and blending it up into the crease.

Taking a deeper red on a pencil brush, apply this over Primrose Princess to define the crease. I used an Etude Shadow.

Taking a blending brush and gently blend the shadows, this part was tricky since you don't want to blend the red too much.

Taking a white eyeliner, I used Etude's Creamy Eyeliner in White. You want to blend the liner with a bit of the orange shadow making it into a light peach color.
Taking a matte cream color shadow on an angled brush, apply this on the highest point of your eyebrow. I used Catrice's Absolute Eye Color in 070 Double Espresso Macchaito, Please!

This is what you should have so far!

Now lets work on the lower lashline, taking a shimmery purple eyeliner apply this as a base for the purple shadow. I used a matte shadow in Orchid Brilliance with Stila's Smudge Pot in Violet since it has a bright blue undertone with visible shimmer.

Using a bright sky blue shadow, I used Robins Egg by applying it on a wet angled liner brush. I should have applied the purple wet to get a very saturated finish since you want to pack on the color. 
Apply your favorite liquid liner, pencil liner and mascara in black. I used Look by Bipa Liquid Eyeliner, Revlon Colorstay and Elf's Waterproof mascara.
You want to apply the liquid liner with a bit of a wing where the red shadow is so there is a nice contrast with the bright blue on the lashline.
So here is the finished look! Let me know what you think. I think this look would be a bit better if I had some false lashes! 

As always, feel free to leave any comments or suggestions! 

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  1. Beautiful look! It looks like a sunset <3

  2. I love your tutorials. This rainbow eye is beautiful.

  3. I couldn't think of a fancy name! but yea it does look like a sunset! Thanx!

  4. Gorgeous look! Looks like sunset at the beach :)

  5. great tutorial love your lower lash line...

  6. Wow this is really beautiful <3 Love the tutorial!!!! Great job :D

  7. Very creative. The use of colors is gorgeous.

  8. i love the blend of the colors! x

  9. Sunset eyes I would say :) Look pretty :)

  10. This look amazing!!! xxxx


  11. very pretty :)

  12. SOOO pretty! Wish I was half as good as you! And you photographed everything soo well!

  13. Why i have not seen it before??you do tutorials!!!..wow Sidrah..thats great.very few paki beauty bloggers do that..Your eyes look so beautiful mASHAAllah.:-)

  14. Wow! BEAUTIFUL makeup really! I love this tutorial, you explain each step very nicely! Thankss :D