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[REVIEW] Liz Earle Eyebright™ Soothing Eye Lotion

Wednesday, December 21, 2011 Sidrah!!!! 4 Comments

My eyes are the one area I try to focus on more as I age. Most mornings my eyes feel irritated and itchy and on days I have to wake up extra early my eyes feel even more itcky! Not to mention my dark circles are becoming even more visible. I was sent  the Liz Earle Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion which promises to cleanse and give your eyes a boost in the morning. 

Eyebright™ Soothing Eye Lotion

What Liz Earle Say:

Wake up and revitalise eyes with cotton wool pads soaked in this gentle, soothing herbal lotion before using Cleanse & Polish.
Non-oily, it is ideal for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.
Apply to a cotton wool pad to clean and wake up your eyes first thing.
Naturally active ingredients include the grassland herb – eyebright, witch hazel, organic aloe vera and cornflower to help tone, cool and refresh tired, puffy or sore eyes.
How to Use:
Apply Eyebright to cotton wool pad to clean and wake up your eyes first thing.
For a revitalising, soothing compress, soak 2 cotton wool pads in Eyebright and place over eyes and relax for 5 – 10 minutes.
Eyebright is light, non-oily and suitable for contact lens wearers.
 The lotion isn't exactly a lotion, its a clear water-like consistency which applies similar as a toner. 
There are a few ways you can use this product. I prefer using this product first thing in the morning by taking 2 cotton squares and soaking them in the product and leaving them on my eyes for about 5 minutes. If I don't have time in the morning I would the just apply a quick dab of the product on a cotton pad and apply it over my eyes, it absorbs really quickly. Another way is to use it to remove light eye makeup. It does a great job of removing any residue that may get left behind, especially on days when I apply eyeliner in my upper lash line and waterline it does a good job of removing it. This actually works great if you made a small mistake on your eyeshadow or eyeliner, it doesn't leave behind a greasy residue. 

The product comes in a twist up bottle which I haven't been so fond of. You do get enough product since you are applying this on the eyes. 
To Sum it up: 
I absolutely love the scent of the product, it is not harsh or strong but very delicate. The product gives a nice cooling sensation on the eyes which helped my tired eyes in the morning. I have been using it for about 2 weeks now and I feel it has helped my eyes feel more awake in the morning. I haven't noticed a change in my dark circles considering I have only used it for a short amount of time. I would prefer if this product came in a Roll-On that I can easily use to apply in the morning without fussing with a cotton pad. 

- Cooling sensation
- Freshens up tired/sleepy eyes
- Removes light makeup
- Dries into the skin quickly
- Delicate Scent

- Packing


150ml Bottle priced at £10.00

For more Information Liz Earle Can be found on Facebook and Twitter along with their website

Have you tried the Soothing Eye Lotion? Would you consider trying it?

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  1. me too! im always on the hunt for eye creams and eye soothers!! this one looks good! xx

  2. Another great Liz Earle product! Great review Sidrah!

  3. I think this is product for my eyes always look tired and lifeless...
    I am fascinated
    thanx for grt review

  4. I need this! Thanks for sharing! x :)