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[QUICK TIP] How to Mend a Broken Lipstick

Monday, November 14, 2011 Sidrah!!!! 11 Comments

Hello everyone!

Being a makeup enthusiast we sometimes come across horrific moments when our precious makeup falls apart, it may happen because of the weather or just misuse of the product but it's inevitable!. In my previous post I shared with you all how to mend powder makeup (check it out here) so in this post I will be sharing with you all a tip that will help you mend your broken or melted lipstick. 

Now I do want to make a note that creamy lipsticks are harder to mend than a stiffer one so be gentle as much as you can. If you are underage then I suggest asking an adult for assistance with doing this since this does require some flame-work so take precautions! 

So here is what you will need:

  • A lighter or some matches
  • Your broken or melted lipstick.

The first step is to analyze your lipstick, see where it is broken from and where you will need to piece it together.

The next step applies only to creamy or melted lipstick, since the consistency is a bit difficult to work with since it’ll slip when you try to fit it back on, so you will need to pop your lipstick (the actual product not the container) into your deep freezer for about 10-15 mins depending on how cool your freezer gets. You need to check if the lipstick has hardened enough so that it’s not sliding off your fingers, if not then leave it in for a few more mins.

However if your lipstick is more stiff then you can skip the freezer step, so what you will need to do is take your lighter or a matchstick and heat the broken end of your lipstick making sure it has melted just a bit, you DON’T want to turn it into a liquid just make sure its melted enough and it is still a solid (if that makes sense). The photo should guide you better.

Now you need to work quickly in this step, place and hold the product directly where it was broken off and hold it for about 10 seconds. This does get VERY messy so you can use gloves. The tricky part is being gentle with your lipstick while also firmly sticking them together.
If you notice that it isn't sticking together then you need to heat it more or apply more pressure.
Once you notice that its stuck together firmly and STRAIGHT then you can clean up the mess with a q-tip. I usually just leave it to sit for some mins but you can place it in your deep freezer to chill it.

There you have it! Your lipstick is back in place, I wish there was a way to fix it in a less messier way but this works. Make sure to tidy it up a bit, this way you can use your lipstick with ease!
Hope this helped you all, please leave a comment or suggestion if this was helpful or any other tips you’d like to share!

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  1. Great post Sidrah! very helpful <3

  2. Very informative post. Thanks for sharing <3

  3. Greatttt post dear ... love it .. is it ok if i share it with your ref just like the last time on my fb page ???

  4. Great advice! I broke a favourite lipstick of mine on a night out last week and I was heartbroken! Will definitely be trying this out on it :)

    - Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  5. one useful tip sidrah..another one is that melt ur lippie and put in small jar

  6. thats is really helpful stuff... I skipped the 1st freezer part soit melted more than needed.i'll re do it..thanks

  7. Thank you ladies! I hope this works out for you guys..

    @sahar Yea you can do that but honestly if I melt a lipstick chances are I won't be using it that much, for convenience purposes this way you can use your lipstick directly from the product!

  8. thats a great tip..i m scared to use a lighter though!
    Thanks for sharing honey :)

  9. This was useful!! I'm going to try this now :)

  10. thanks for the extremely handy trip Sidra!!:) x