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Wednesday, October 26, 2011 Sidrah!!!! 4 Comments

Keeping up with the latest product launched by Capri, they have finally released their Deep Cleansing Face Wash in Karachi. Infused with Aloe Vera and Cucumber, the product promises to prevent blackheads and remove dirt and oil.

What Capri say:
In keeping with the brands’ philosophy of capturing natural goodness and beauty through engaging time tested ingredients, Capri Deep Cleansing Facewash, is enriched with Cucumber and Aloe Vera, capturing two of history’s best skin solutions. Available in two economical compact tubes of 50 ml and 100 ml, the Capri Deep Cleansing Facewash is gentle on the skin while offering thorough and deep cleansing, guarding against skin problems such as black heads stemming because of oil, dirt and pollution. Dermatologically tested, Capri Deep Cleansing Facewash is recommended for all skin types and offers the benefits of moisturising by maintaining the skin’s natural moisture balance. Capri Deep Cleansing Facewash drives radiance and beauty, leaving the skin pure and fresh through the refreshing effect of cucumber along with the natural healing remedy inherent in Aloe Vera. The Capri Deep Cleansing Facewash also contains Cocamidopropyl Betaine, driven from natural coconut oil. Also present is a glycerine component which is widely known for its moisturising action, thus further protecting the skin against dryness. It is further enriched with Vitamin E which is known for its antioxidant properties.

How to use:
The product comes in a gel-like formula which lathers up very easily. Take a small pea-size amount and massage it all over face and neck for a deep cleanse.

To Sum it up!
After the first time using this product my face felt really clean and the smell is truly refreshing. The scent of cucumber and aloe vera is not overpowering . The packaging is really flimsy though, I end up getting too much product. Unfortunately this cleanser broke me out after 3 days of continues usage. I used this product twice a day and althought I really liked how my skin felt clean and not overly drying. My face isn't sensitive, prior to using this I didn't have any breakouts but after using this I began getting acne on my chin and cheek area. Keeping in mind that not everyone has the same skin type they should come out with skin-specific formulas.  I wanted to see how this product would work on my blackheads but I wasn't able to due to breaking out. 

- Smells Refreshing
- Not overly drying
- Inexpensive

- Broke me out
- No skin specific formulas
- Packaging too flimsy

50 ml tube priced at 80 PKR
100 ml tube priced at 145 PKR

For More Information You can find Capri on their Facebook Page

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  1. I saw this while shopping few days ago but didnt have the courage to try it. I dont trust Capri face washes for some unknown reason :/

  2. I always find these stand alone face washes to be quite drying.Nice review:)

  3. Dear Sidrah,

    We, at Capri, highly appreciate feedback from our consumers.
    We regret that you experienced acne-related issues on your skin around the same time you were using our product.
    We also hope that you have looked into any environmental or physiological changes which may have occurred around that time, as according to our Skin Care and Quality Assurance teams, these are also known to be factors in triggering acne. However, our Quality Assurance team has started work on the product to ensure that it does not result in acne, even if other factors contribute. Our Skin Care and Quality Assurance teams also suggest to check for specific skin allergies and hyper sensitivity, which can also contribute to reactions.
    Your suggestion for “skin specific formulas” has been noted down and our Product Development team is looking into it.
    We are mailing to you a small token of appreciation from the team at Capri for taking out the time and suggesting areas of improvement which we hope you will enjoy!
    Looking forward to a long-term relationship with you, both as a blogger and as a consumer!
    Team Capri

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