Jewelry Shop and Tell!

Monday, October 10, 2011 Sidrah!!!! 9 Comments

Yesterday I was telling everyone on Twitter that I was going shopping at Sunday Bazaar in Defense. I didn't buy as many items as I would have liked because I was feeling really indecisive about what I really wanted. So I got a couple of earrings and rings and a few sets of bangles. Here's what I picked out!

These I wasn't sure about, but my mommy dearest was keen on me having some. They are so super comfortable perfect for wearing during the day. I bought these 4 sets for 280Rs. They were initially 80Rs each but since I bought more he lowered the price.

I bought these and the rings at this stall which sold some handmade items. I wanted to buy smaller pieces because I have so many large earrings already. These are really unique, the right pair came in about 7 different colors and the left pair also had matching necklace and bracelet. The lady was super nice and helpful so I will definitely make another trip and get some more earrings. These were 60Rs each.
I love big chunky rings. My mom picked out the emerald one for me since she loves green and I don't really lean towards green shades. The right pair are really unique and I haven't seen anything like these. The left pair were 100Rs each and the right pair were 30Rs each.

So let me know which pieces you like! Have you been to Sunday Bazaar lately?   Did you make any jewelry purchases lately? If so, let me know and comment below!

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