[REVIEW] Capri Moisturising Hand wash in Pink

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Capri’s forty year old legacy, which had initially started as a soap manufacturer, has grown organically with time and expanded its portfolio by offering a specialised product range for personal care. Thus technological advancements and innovation have enabled Capri to especially address the needs of the young consumer of today. 
The range includes four variations of the iconic soap; Capri White, Capri Pink, Capri Blue and Capri Green. With the addition of two Hand Wash offerings, Capri has extended its product line as a natural progression and evolution for the brand.

Ingrained with the philosophy of being naturally beautiful, fresh and young, the product range is reflective of this ethos. Capri White with its natural ingredients of Aloe Vera and Honey and Capri Pink with Rose petal and Strawberry extract, and the common Milk Protein, offer benefits of moisturised, silky smooth skin. Capri Green with Wild Orchids and Green Tea and Capri Blue with Water Lily and Sea Mineral Extract offer naturally Refreshed and Hydrated skin.

What the Bottle says:
Pamper your skin with every wash. Capri handwash with natural goodness of Rose Petals, Strawberry extract, and Milk Protein leaves ur skin silky soft and nourished.

I like that this handwash is super fragrant . Though that might not appeal to everyone, I like having a fresh scent after I washed my hands. The fragrance is really pleasant. Its a flowery scent, kinda like roses. Not all liquid soaps have that quality, though the scent does fade. 

I do feel that this soap does mosturize but not as much as a lotion obviously but enough to not leave ur hands feeling dry after washing them.  First time i used it, i took a whole pump which was way too much so the scent stayed on for a few mins. Just a drop of the soap will work to lather up your hands.

Overall this is a very nice hand wash. Its priced at 175Rs and its available all across Pakistan.

Rating: 5/5

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  1. Sounds great!!! Would love to try this <3

  2. The bottle looks cute. I love pink. I like fruity scents so this is something I might check out.

  3. Nice Review, i personally like their soaps, let me try this hand washer too... :)

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