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Capri, Pakistan’s historic beauty and personal care brand of choice introduce the inspiring media personality Ayesha Omar as their Brand Ambassador. 

Following already revealed ambassador Mehreen Raheal, With her ongoing pursuit of success in the field of media be it hosting, acting, modeling, and most recently singing, combined with her infectious charm, Ayesha Omar embodies the essence of a true Capri Woman;  one whose life captures beauty and confidence that continues to lead her towards the realisation of her dreams. Indeed Capri hopes to inspire women through their ambassadors and their journeys of struggle and success against many odds.

Speaking about her new role as Brand Ambassador for Capri Ayesha said “I am delighted to be able to share my story with all Pakistani women and I am honoured that my life and work reflect Capri’s values of inspiration and motivation. From my experience, women who are extremely dynamic are often not given many inroads or encouragement into using such talent. With Capri’s platform and encouragement, I hope I am able to work with other women in the country to capture confidence, beauty and the realisation of their dreams”

Speaking about the introduction of Ayesha Omer as their latest ambassador, Marketing Manager Zulfiqar Ali Ansari said “Capri is a brand that is about beauty with substance, its looks past the superficial, glamorous façade and appreciates both inner and outer beauty. Our brand ambassadors embody the virtues having overcome obstacles and achieved success. Ayesha has achieved success in all the fields she has ventured in and has widespread appeal especially amongst the younger lot. Through this campaign we want to show the Capri cares for the Pakistani woman and we support passion, initiative and endeavor.”

Indeed with its distinct natural ingredients Capri cares for the needs of four main personalities of women captured in Blue, Green, Pink and White Capri. Versatile, confident and full of life, Ayesha’s personal Capri soap of choice is Capri Pink, with Rose Petal, Strawberry and Milk Protein Extracts which offers moisturized, radiant and glowing skin - the perfect Capri for all passionate and energetic women.

Follow Ayesha Omar’s journey with Capri across broadcast, print and on the Capri Facebook Page

About Capri:

With a long standing history in the beauty industry with their famous soaps, Capri has been caring for Pakistani women since its inception in 1969. Over the decades, Capri’s name has become synonymous with beauty and care and the brand prides itself for taking the natural routes to beautiful and young skin yet never failing to take advantage of technological innovation wherever it can serve to improve its quality further. Throughout its seasoned history Capri has maintained its commitment to affordability, accessibility and genuine care for the concerns of Pakistani women which is resonant in the Capri tagline “Change your world beautifully!”

Capri’s forty year old legacy, which had initially started as a soap manufacturer, has grown organically with time and expanded its portfolio by offering a specialised product range for personal care. Thus technological advancements and innovation have enabled Capri to especially address the needs of the young consumer of today. The range includes four variations of the iconic soap; Capri White, Capri Pink, Capri Blue and Capri Green. With the addition of two Hand Wash offerings, Capri has extended its product line as a natural progression and evolution for the brand.

Ingrained with the philosophy of being naturally beautiful, fresh and young, the product range is reflective of this ethos. Capri White with its natural ingredients of Aloe Vera and Honey and Capri Pink with Rose petal and Strawberry extract, and the common Milk Protein, offer benefits of moisturised, silky smooth skin. Capri Green with Wild Orchids and Green Tea and Capri Blue with Water Lily and Sea Mineral Extract offer naturally Refreshed and Hydrated skin.

Capri’s vision goes beyond personal care with a brand philosophy that embraces the attributes of genuine care, endeavouring to empower women with confidence. Capri values spirited and confident women of substance; women who have the power to overcome adversity or to succeed in whatever they chose.  Capri seeks to promote this spirit of courage and confidence for the fulfilment of every woman’s dreams. To this end, Capri has in the past been a patron of the Women in Business Conference and the Annual Karachi Flower Show.

This 2011, Capri has taken into its fold renowned actress, model and anchor, Mehreen Raheal as its Brand Ambassador, to share her inspirations with the Capri Women Fraternity. According to the values of Capri, beauty is not just skin deep but rather is also manifest in our actions and our stories alike. Mehreen with her flawless beauty, infectious personality, undeniable achievements and having defied the odds against her to reach such success, make her the quintessential Capri woman. Capri will also be revealing a second inspiring brand ambassador, whose story to success is compelling in September 2011.

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