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Sunday, September 18, 2011 Sidrah!!!! 10 Comments

Hey everyone.

About a month ago I was asked by an ELF USA PR to try out some products from the company. Since they don’t ship worldwide I had to wait until my friend came back from his trip. So here are some of the products I got! I wanted to try out one of everything Iand overall the products are really nice.
So let me show you close up what I picked out!

Essential Regular & Waterproof Mascara Duo in Black

The mascaras both have the same wand, it’s just like the Maybeline Great Lash wand which just works to lengthen your lashes. 

The waterproof eyeliner is not as black as I would like, and the tip is a bit dry when I got it so I will leave it upside down so that the product moistens the tip.

Matte Finisher Clear Nail Polish

The matte finisher is AWESOME! It gives the perfect matte finish with just one coat. I highly recommend this product  

I wanted to try out an eyeshadow quad because I have seen so many reviews. I really don’t like the fallout when I tap my brush in to get product. Its annoying for a quad because the fallout will mix with the shadows. I wanted to try out this particular quad because of the far right color, the shimmery bronze shade is so pretty.

The blushes have fallout in the pan which I am not use to, all of the blushes I own don’t have the sorta chunky fallout. Which in the long run you are gona end up wasting much of the product. I tried tapping my brush in and still my brush wouldn't catch the fallout, just producing more. I've never owned a bronzer! So for me trying this out will be great for practicing how to contour. The blush is a pretty coral pink shade. Both the bronzer and blush has a HINT of shimmer but its not that visible.

Studio Blush in Peachy Keen
I was disappointed with the blush, I already own a color is similar (Avon Golden Glow blush) so I don't think I’ll be reaching for this blush because of the fallout issue. I was undecided between this shade and the Candid Coral since I love coral blushes.. I do think I will try out some other blush shades. Its a matte finish blush and the packaging is really sturdy

Studio Eyelash Curlers
I wanted to try both of the lash curlers.  
I am absolutely in LOVE with the half eyelash curler. It’s perfect for me because of my weak eye sight because I can’t ever see what I am doing. The regular curler doesn't work for my small eyes, the shape is too curved.


Essential Nail Polish Sets in Purple Trio

The polishes have a great finish, the Plum shade is definitily my favorite. I like that the range is diverse, Mod Mauve has no shimmer while Sunset is very shimmery purple/pink shade.

So what do you all think of the products I picked out. I realized I didn't get any lip products! If anyone wanted to see a review on ANY of the products please let me know in the comments because there is already so much coverage on ELF products. 2 products I HIGHLY recommend are the Half Lash Curler and the Matte Finisher

Feel Free to leave any comments below! 

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  1. Wow all the products look fab <3 Great pics Sidrah!!!

  2. i've tried the eyeliner pen and it works great! i love it!=)

  3. Hey Sidrah! You've made me want the Sunset polish now! The brush cleaner is great for getting colour out of brushes quick and only takes about 10 mins for larger brushes to dry. It does have a strong chemically smell to it though. I'll try and do a full review soon :)

  4. hi..do u knw they have recently launched in pakistan...?nd their stuff is only avaible online..aniways i wanna ask if u have used their face cover stick nd one more thing....the eyeshadow set wch u have...they have creamy effect?

  5. hey did you order them online? or got them frm someone? pls reply

  6. @mehar, i Havent tried their face cover stick but i have heard its nice but you dont get alot of product. The shadows are a very soft powder texture, not creamy.

    @Anonymous These were sent for review from USA, since they don't ship internationally a friend brought them.

  7. I love Elf, they have so many great products :)

    Love Christine ♥