[NAILS] Pink Glitter Galore with Silver Polish

Friday, August 19, 2011 Sidrah!!!! 9 Comments

Hello my lovelies!

Its been a few days since I last blogged, but you know how life gets sometimes? Nevertheless today I wanted to do some polish experimenting! I've owned one glitter polish from Sally Hansen and it was the most stubborn polish to remove. You can read the review here. I am not TOO fond of glitter polish's  but I wanted to try this method out and see how it would work out.

So the product I used for the glitter was this art store glitter from Danny, it is not chunky or fine. It worked really well on top of a silver polish by Christine. I am not sure how much this glitter cost, I have had for a few years. The Christine polish was about 35Rs.

 I basically applied the silver polish and then tapped on the glitter on top with my finger, since the polish was close to drying it didn't smudge the polish. What i will end up doing is getting some clear top coat's and adding the glitter into it. It will be less messy because glitter gets EVERYWHERE!

So I hope you liked this post, what do you think of how the polish turned out? Any suggestions?
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  1. i love it....i have worked alot with glitters and nail polishes thanks 4 reminding me all that stuff...

    grt keep it up

  2. Glitter never looks good on my hand. But it looks so great on yours. ;)

  3. It looks great, love the idea and love the colour.

  4. It looks awesome! <3 The colour is gorgeous!