[eyes] Not Safe for Work

Monday, July 11, 2011 Sidrah!!!! 9 Comments

Hello my lovelies, 

so the weekend is over and I don’t know about you all but I’m NOT looking forward to the rest of the week!! 

I decided to do something very very gothic without black shadows but just some heavy black kohl liner in the waterline and tightline. 
With a bronzy brown on the lid, the base color for the brown I used a very creamy Black Khajal by Vonger and 2 shades of red on the crease. I first applied the lightest red then the darkest on the crease then the brown for the lid color. 
I didn’t apply a highlight color but just make sure you BLEND the shadows up to your brow bone, you can even use your face powder for that if you need to tone it down.
Not safe for work indeed. 
The following products were used:
·         LinerRimmel Kohl pencil in Jet Black
·         Mascara- Maybelline Great Lash in Black
·         Shadows: 2 red shadows and a dark brown
·         Base:  Vonger  Black Khajal 
So I hope u guys like this look! It was super easy to do! Please feel free to leave any comments suggestions!

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  1. Woww great EOTD!!! Love the look you did <3

  2. you always share your best with us...<3 it

  3. this is beautiful :) you go girl! <3

  4. You are really talented. Amazing look. =D

    HI! my name's martina and I come from Italy... I'd like you visit my blog and if you want.... follow me! I wait you and your tips!
    Thanks! kisses, Marti! ;DDDDD
    Glamour Marmalade

  6. greatttt ... love that ... keep it up dear ..

  7. Such a beautiful look :)

    Love Christine ♥