[eyes] From the Muddy Banks

Tuesday, July 26, 2011 Sidrah!!!! 8 Comments

Hey everyone!

So for today's look i wanted to do a deep plum look but it turned out more of a muddy plum lol.

I used 3 different shadows for this look, Bare Escentuals Gossip (shimmery grey-plum), Bare Escentuals Kir Royale(plum) and Avon's Luxe Life Duo (champage and velvet plum)

I used Gossip in the middle, Kir Royale paired with Velvet Plum(matte) in inner and outer corner. I was going for a pop of shimmer in the middle but it didnt turn out that vibrant!

I think I sould've added a touch of matte black to make the inner and outer corner darker but i always fear matte black because I might end up putting too much.
Nonetheless i would appreciate ur feedback!

The following products were used:
·         LinerRimmel Kohl pencil in Jet Black, Etude Liquid Liner in Black
·         Mascara- Bare Escentuals Flawless Definition in Black
·         ShadowsBare Escentuals Gossip, Bare Escentuals Kir Royale and Avon's Luxe Life Duo (champagne and velvet plum)
So I hope u guys like this dirty look (lolz) Please feel free to leave any comments suggestions!

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  1. hey muddy plum looks so pretty...love your liner

  2. pretty look :D.....

  3. I love how simple and subtle this look is. Beautiful, i'd like to try a similar look.

    P.S I'm loving your blog. Following now after finding your link on Nykki's Monday Beauties Blog hop!. :) xo