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Wednesday, March 28, 2018 Sidrah Beauty 1 Comments

If chaos consumes your day to day life, having a moment of Zen is hard to come by. I can safely say I've found my place to find a moment of peace and tranquility. From blissful massages, manicure/pedicures, organic facials, yoga, aerobics, kick-boxing and more you can find at Karachi Ladies Club!
Founded by the ever graceful Nissa who graciously invited me to spend a day at for a little tour of the place and a review of a few services. The club has it all! The best part if that you can pretty much spend an entire day there from 8:30am till 11pm with the back to back classes.

Massage + Facial Services

Aloe Vera Hydrating Facial
A 45 minute blissful facial using all organic and disposable products (sponges and headband). It’s a 5 step facial from makeup removing, aloe vera cleansing, scrub with rice atta, honey mask and SPF moisturizer application. I highly recommend Naseema who did my facial and massage. She did an amazing job at hitting all pressure points on the face. 

Express Body Massage
The 30 minute massage was absolutely relaxing. It definitely took away all the stress especially with the calming atmosphere of the rooms. I know I’m going to go back often for the massage. The entire room and aroma for the massage took me to another level of ZEN.
I hope I inspired you guys to check out the place! The best part about their massages and facials is that the cost is really reasonable compared to other spas and salons. Although Karachi Ladies Club is a wellness/holistic space, I absolutely enjoyed my time and I'm sure you will too :)
 For more info check out their Facebook page

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