[REVIEW] Wet N Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powders

Saturday, September 30, 2017 Sidrah Beauty 0 Comments

Wet n' Wild Precious Petals Highlighter
When it comes to highlighters, I'm in a committed relationship with Wet n' Wild. There's no comparison to these highlighters than anything in my collection. While I do own the ABH Glow Kit, I reach for these 2 highlights more often for a beautiful ethereal glow. If you haven't tried these highlights yet, you are missing out!
Precious Petals MegaGlo Highlighting Powder is a medium rose gold with a metallic sheen. The texture is very creamy that applies easily with any powder brush.
Hollywood Boulevard (now Boozy Brunch) Shimmer Palette is a true champagne gold with a metallic sheen. The texture is very smooth and applies like a dream!
For an intense sheen spray a little I'd say spray a little fixing mist on your brush after you dip into the product. These are already so metallic that this step helps to keep the highlighter on all day.
Let's Talk About It:
For the most pearlized sheen to your skin, do NOT sleep on Wet N Wild. These are the most beautiful powders I have in my collection hands down. I've owned Hollywood Boulevard (now Boozy Brunch) for about 3+ years now, it was the first true highlighter I ever purchased and it has yet to fail me. Not to mention I have so much product still in the pan. I don't feel the urge to buy any high end highlighter after purchasing this. The true champage tone is so flattering on our desi skin tone.

My newest pick is the Precious Petals highlighter, while it's different more creamy consistency I find it gives a little less of a sheen to the skin. The tone has a pink-rose gold hue which looks lovely on an every day look. For a brighter pop I always use a fixing mist on my brush after I've dipped into the product.  

These shimmery powder highlighters can be applied anywhere from the cheekbones to the eyes for a touch of color and a whole lot of glow. Overall I'd say these are a must have for any highlighter junkie, even if you're into high-end makeup these will not disappoint.

For purchasing these are for $4.99 but are available on various Facebook pages for about 800-1100PKR.



Elemis Eventone Facial at Amethyst Spa by Roohi

Friday, September 29, 2017 Sidrah Beauty 13 Comments

Thinking about a facial? With plenty of salons in Karachi, it's hard to find the best salon that offers an amazing luxurious experience. I recently was invited to visit Amethyst Spa by Roohi for an Elemis Facial. With my complexion looking a little dull, I was up for the treatment and I have to admit I'm not at all regular when it comes to salon visits. So what can you expect with a Elemis Facial?
Samples with every Elemis Facial
Analyzing Your Skin Needs
Before starting the treatment, the facialist asked about my skin and mapped it for any issues that appeared visible. For me, my skin texture was normal but the pigmentation and spots were the issues she wanted to target. Thus leading to the Eventone White Brightening Facial. The facial with ELEMIS can fulfil your individual requirements in a way that helps with your skin.

Steps in the Elemis Eventone White Brightening Facial:
  • White Flower Eye And Lip Makeup Remover
  • White Bright Even Tone Cleanser
  • Papaya Enzyme Peel For Exfoliater
  • White Bright Even Tone Lotion For Toner
  • White Bright Even Tone Oil For Massage
  • White Bright Even Tone Peel Off Mask
  • White Bright Even Tone Serum
  • Pro Collagen Lifting Treatment Neck And Bust Cream
  • Pro Collagen Eye Renewal Cream
  • Liquid Layer SPF 30 Sunblock

What To Expect:
Everyone has their own personal experience when it comes to a salon visit, personally Amethyst has always been a wonderful experience for me and the people that I've referred to.

The facial started with the makeup removal process to cleanse off any residue left. It's always easier to go in care skin. Since my skin is prone to blackheads and large pores, the Cleanser and Exfoliator really helped to revitalize my skin. Let me say ever single product used on my skin SMELLED absolutely refreshing and relaxing. Nothing was over powering. Once my pores were cleared, the blackhead extraction took place which is always painful but pain is beauty lol.

The oil massage on the skin felt invigorating. Since my skin is prone to clogging I was a little skeptical but the Elemis White Brightening Even Tone Facial Oil is a brightening and anti-aging facial oil treatment with Daisy, Sophora & Kiwi extracts to lessen the appearance of dark spots and age spots. The massage absorbed all of the oil into the skin without feeling heavy.

Next the peel off mask came in a paste form that slightly dried on the skin. It felt very hydrating and not at all drying. My skin felt drenched at this point in the facial! The neck and shoulder massage was very relaxing.

To wrap up the facial, the eye renewal cream was applied and gently massaged into the skin. The facialist was extra gentle on the eyes and mapped out pressure points around the eye area to stimulate blood circulation.

I love that the facial ended with an application of SPF so you can head out right after and not worry about applying any product on your skin. And with the samples provided at the end of the facial, I have been following up with the Eventone range to keep my skin's pigmentation under control.

Did I forget to mention that for 30 minutes of the 1 hour facial there is a hand and foot massage accompanying you? I've yet to experience a facial that included this in the package. Not to mention that for a limited time you can receive free samples and 10% OFF your Elemis facial.

And lastly my facial was finished off with a little Detox Tea! How adorable is this steal tea cup?!
Thank you to the team at Cosmo Group for inviting me to experience such a relaxing spa day. For more information visit Amethyst Spa by Roohi on Facebook and Instagram.



Must-Have Brow Products!

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Brows should never be underestimated when it comes to a makeup look! I noticed I have never written about my favorite brow products. I don't usually try out anything new for my eyebrows since I've had these in my collection for a while. I always go for a soft, natural brow- shades that are cool medium brown would describe what I love to use. Here are my must-have cant-live-without eyebrow products.
BH Cosmetics Flawless Brow Trio
Shade: Medium

The first product that I've been using non-stop for about a year now is this handy kit from BH, the middle shade is perfect for my medium brow hair. It contains 2 powders and a wax. I usually use the wax on the gaps on my brows but since it's way too dark I try to avoid it. The darkest powder shade works SO well on the eyelids for a minimal makeup look. It blends very smoothly into a subtle eye look.

Price: $6.50USD.
Shop Here
Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade
Shade: Soft Brown

Pretty much the only product WORTH talking about for the brows, the cult classic that is coveted for many reasons. This pomade has been a life changer for me. This stays put! Unlike the wax in the BH trio which tends to move around on the brows, this pomade stays all day for a crisp brow look. The shade Soft Brown is perfect if you want a very subtle natural brow. It can be built up for a darker brow color.

Price: $18USD.
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Rimmel Brow This Way Gel
Shade: Dark Brown – 003

To set my brow hair, this adds a little tint while setting them. I love how this doesn't feel stiff or too uncomfortable as some brow gel's tend to do. My only issue is that there is always TOO much product on the spoolie so I have to wipe off quite a bit. This only coats my brow hair, which I have a lot of gaps so this doesn't help fill them in.

Price: 485Rs.
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What's your favorite must-have brow product?