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Best Hair Products for VOLUME

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Best Hair Products for VOLUME
Since my hair is now short I have to style it every time I wash it otherwise it just looks very messy. So since my hair has been short for a couple months I've narrowed it down to a routine that helps keep the volume all day. Granted most days when there is a lot of humidity my hair will loose volume. These products are definitely worth trying if your looking for a boost. 
Best Hair Products for VOLUME
The first step after I towel dry my hair is I apply the TRESemm√© Thermal Creations Volumizing Mousse. I use a very small quantity and just apply towards the roots and the ends then I blow dry with a round brush focusing on the roots. The problem with short hair is that you can't reach all the areas of your scalp to dry so I just do it sporadically. 
Best Hair Products for VOLUME
After I blow dry my hair I straighten my hair without using any product. When my hair has straighten then I go in  with the Catwalk by TIGI Root Boost Spray (AED35) on the roots of my hair. This product has to be blow dried so I go back in with my hair dryer. I interchange either this product or the Bedhead Sugar Dust Root Powder (AED43) which can be applied on the scalp and massaged in for volume.  The Catwalk by TIGI is by far my FAVOURITE for intense volume. A little goes a long way.  I only use this on special occasions because after I use it makes my scalp very tight and uncomfortable the following day. 

On day to day use I love the Schwarzkopf Got2b Fat Tastic Hairspray 
(850Rs) I usually backcomb my scalp and then spray where I teased to hold the volume. On days when my hair is greasy I love using the Batiste XXL Volume Dry Shampoo (550Rs). I flip my head upside down and spray towards the roots. I use this sparingly as well since the following day since it will make your hair feel very tight. 

Most of these products I ordered from Dubai. Bastiste and Got2B are easily available in shops now! I picked mine up from EBCO. These products are definitely some of my favorites along with a backcombing brush!

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