[REVIEW] Elemis Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm

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I love using a hydrating moisturizer during the day but reading the words Pro-Radiance & Illuminating together kinda scared off my oily skin. But fear not! If you love the look of hydrated, dewy skin the Elemis Flash Balm is something to check out.
Elemis Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm Review

An exciting new generation “hybrid moisturiser” whose instant skin-flattering qualities are as compelling as its ability to hydrate the skin. Formulated with a powerful vitamin complex that helps protect against moisture loss, whilst exquisite purple orchid, noni and acai help defend against the early signs of skin aging.

Radiance Booster
  • 89% felt the product helped skin look more radiant & luminous instantly
  • Moisturiser
  • 85% agreed the product helped smooth the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
  • Primer
  • 91% stated the product helped provide a more even & brighter skin tone

Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm benefits:
  • It won’t ball under your fingertips if you choose to apply foundation, unlike many optically improving products.
  • It won’t sparkle under the light. There are no conspicuous luminising particles in our balm.
  • It won’t leave the skin tacky, or overly dewy, which can be the tendency with products that deliver this kind of fresh, super-hydrated finish.

Elemis Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm Review

Let's Talk About it:

I've been using this every morning as a moisturizer, I just take a small sized amount and massage over my skin. I avoid using too much around my t-zone but it works really nicely to help hydrate my skin and it really helps to make the skin softer. The packaging is really perfect to dispense just the smallest amount out. 

The scent however is kinda off, it has a strong fragrance but since I've been using such a small amount the scent doesn't linger. I'm guessing the Fruit and Flower oils in the ingredients is the reason why this has such a potent scent. The ingredient list is packed with Vitamin's ( B, C, E) that hydrates the skin and promote healthy skin. The texture is really lightweight and sinks into the skin pretty easily if you use a small amount. I've tried mixing it with my regular foundation and it gives a lovely healthy effect without looking overly greasy.

I definitely recommend trying this out if you're in the market for a luxury moisturizer. This really makes my skin feel softer although I haven't seen a huge jaw-dropping difference in the overall appearance of my skin.

Available at:

Amethyst Spa (Karachi)
Munaiza's Salon (Hyderabad)
Nirvana Salon (Islamabad).



Pond’s White Beauty –GenWhite Technology for #SpotlessRadiance!

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Pond's White Beauty Day Cream
We all deal with the occasional pigmentation and dark patches, I've noticed now with my age more than ever my skin has dark patches around my cheeks and after a breakout.

How Dark Spots Occur?

Dark spots are actually a result of pigmentation and inflammation which occurs due to your skin being exposed to harmful UV rays of the sun.
Spots on the surface are easier to remove, but some stubborn dark spots are rooted deep within the 3rd and deepest layer of the skin.
Therefore, to get rid of dark spots for long term, it is important to tackle them from the root within; otherwise, they keep coming back.

Pond’s has come up with a revolutionary formula called ‘GenWhite’. The New Pond’s White Beauty is made of the GenWhite formula which is professionally designed for deep absorption. It smoothly goes inside your skin, reaching the deepest layers and removing the dark spots from the root – giving you a radiant glow on the outside!

Pond’s White Beauty’s GenWhite formula contains 3 main ingredients:
1.      Fairness Actives, more simply known as Pro-Vitamins to lighten skin, reduce dark spots and improve skin texture
2.      Skin Benefit Actives to moisturize and soothe skin. They also prevent oxidization which causes wear and tear. This destruction and disintegration of the skin causes aging and more importantly, skin cells to die. The Allantoin in Pond’s White Beauty acts as an Anti-Oxidant and keeps repairing the skin.
3.      Also,Triple Sun-Screens to protect against harmful UV rays (UVA/UVB) of the sun.

The Pond's White Beauty Day Cream is definitely not new to my skin regimen. I've used Pond's Day Creams and Cold Creams for ages, it adds the perfect boost of hydration to the skin. So I tested out the Relaunched Pond's White Beauty Fairness Day Cream for a week duration just to see what noticeable effect can be expected. 

7 Day Diary

Day 1: The first time I tested the product out on my skin, I noticed a new formula compared to the other fairness cream from Pond's. It applies completely matte on my skin and I was impressed at how quickly it absorbed into my skin. 

Day 2: I started using this under my foundation, since it does an impeccable job of mattifying the skin, it helps to smooth out and keeps my oil under control really well. Not to mention the added sun screen is perfect for daily use.

Day 3: At this point I noticed how my skin stayed matte for a longer duration and my pores were not emphasized. At the end of the day my skin didn't look tired or even fatigued. I noticed a cleaner appearance to my complexion.

Day 4: I was keeping an eye out for some troubled spots on my skin, some pigmentation and acne scars. I've been getting use to the oil-free texture, no other cream can aid in the same effect for my t-zone. I didn't see a drastic change but a slight luminosity to my skintone. 

Day 5: Still achieving the same result on my skin, no sign of acne breakouts.

Day 6: That slight bit of glow still carried out. No more dull complexion or oil around the skin during the day!

Day 7: Still pleased with how the cream wears on my skin, the smooth formula has helped brighten my complexion overall. 
Pond's White Beauty Day Cream Review
Let's Talk About It:
With the 7 day trial, my overall experience was pleasant. I'm really pleased with how this works for my combination skin type and how it keeps my stubborn t-zone matte. And if you're wondering if this leaves a white cast on your skin, definitely not! It applies translucent and stays that way. This is the perfect addition to a summer skin care routine for me and my skin is quite happy. With prolonged use I'm sure the added fairness action will kick in, with continuous sun exposure having sun screen added keeps my product choices at a minimum.

Priced at 220rs, you can't beat the price. For those dealing with oily t-zones and sweat on a daily basis, I can see this aiding a lot during the summer months. You can visit Ponds on Facebook and Twitter for the latest in Spotless Radiance.

To promote the re-launch of the New Pond's White Beauty Cream, Pond's invited Beauty Bloggers to celebrate #SpotlessRadiance with a hint of pink. 
Check out some pics!