Dove® Proves That Beauty Is A State Of Mind

Thursday, April 17, 2014 Sidrah!!!! 3 Comments

In this day in age, we can all get lost in hiding behind our true beauty. Some might not feel confident enough which is not to say that we rely on makeup and skincare to bring forth our true beauty. 

The Inner-Beauty Social Experiment

In an effort to make women realize their true beauty, Dove conducted a social experiment led by psychologist Dr. Kearney-Cooke. The experiment was conducted as a placebo effect, leading one to believe that it's all in our mind. 

The experiment utilized a  “beauty patch” as a treatment devised to “enhance the way women perceive their own beauty.”  The social experiment revealed that an alarming 80% of women feel hesitant to share the way they look. The study highlights how the right state of mind can unlock the powerful feeling of beauty that lives inside majority of women. 

The beauty patch would essentially change their personal lives in ways that they had not imagined. The women participants wore the patch for two weeks and would record their daily lives.
The Beauty Patch
At the end of the experiment, it was revealed that the “beauty patch” contained nothing, no ingredient, no formula. The patch gave these women the power of believing in their own true beauty. It was remarkable how these women were affected by the patch, some would’ve purchased the patch in the long run.

"When a woman feels beautiful, she radiates happiness and confidence, which inspires her life in a significant way,” said Dr. Kearney-Cooke.  “These women, like so many others, struggle to recognize their own beauty and it severely affects their daily lives.  This first of its kind experiment designed to illustrate that beauty is a state of mind and that the power to feel beautiful comes from within.”

Dove: Patches, the Film launch in Pakistan

Throughout the Dove: Patches film, it becomes clear how low self-esteem affects many elements of the women’s lives.  As the women become more confident about the way they look, feel personal relationships flourish and they develop a more optimistic outlook on their daily life. 

Dove hopes that all of the women’s inspirational stories featured in the Dove: Patches film will serve as powerful examples and encourage all women to develop a stronger relationship with their own beauty.

The Dove Patches documentary was revealed in Pakistan at a launch held at Verde Bistro Cafe to showcase the Social Experiment.  Fellow bloggers and socialites attended the event among successful women who encapsulate the terms ‘beauty’ and ‘strength’.
Dove at Verde Bistro Cafe
Dove invites all women to create a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety.  When women look and feel their best, they feel happier, and Dove believes it is important for women to see the beauty in themselves so that they can inspire the next generation.  The brand has set a goal of reaching 15 million young lives with self-esteem programming by the end of 2015 and has reached over 12 million to date. 
Dove at Verde Bistro Cafe
Maliha, Rabiyah and Marium at Verde Bistro Cafe
The Digital PR event was managed by Creative Chaos and the on ground activation by Bulls Eye 360.

Watch the Dove: Patches film at and join the conversation at #BeautyIs.



[REVIEW] Loreal Miss Manga Mascara

Monday, April 14, 2014 Sidrah!!!! 9 Comments

If you love Mega Volume, the latest launch by L’oreal Miss Manga Mascara is said to create full volume for more wide open eyes. Influenced by Japanese culture, Manga is hugely popular with many girls' eye makeup. Who doesn’t want gigantic ‘mange eyes’? Did it amp up my lashes? Let’s find out!
Loreal Miss Manga Mascara
What L'oreal Say:
Mega Volume Miss Manga Mascara creates mega volume on top and bottom so eyes look more open.

Our exclusive formula, made up of enlarging collagen spheres works perfectly in conjunction with the 360° flexible cone shaped brush to amplify upper lashes and reveal lower lashes.

The exclusive formula also contains a trilogy of polymers for absolute hold and staying power.
Loreal Miss Manga Mascara

With an adorable metallic pink and black tube, the mascara comes with a flexible wand applicator to bend and reach every lash. The mascara brush is a bit thin in size and has a tapered tip. The bristles are quite spaced out and uneven for more volume.  
Loreal Miss Manga Mascara Brush
Loreal Miss Manga Mascara Swatch
Let's Talk About it:
Let me start off by saying, if you wear glasses this mascara is one to try out! I'm not huge on mascara but if one can volumize, keep my curl all day and still look visible behind my specs, its a winner for me. The wand allows the product to coat each lash to create intense volume.The lengthening isn't as intense but it works really well for the lower lashes. The tapered bristle does have excess product that needs to be wiped off before applying. 

The formula is pretty good and I can get away with applying just one coat, the second coat can look a little spidery. It doesn't clump even with more than one coat but I have noticed it flakes throughout the day with bits of mascara on my undereye. The flaking is minor but it can be annoying to check up on your makeup and see some flecks around your cheek and undereye. The formula is not waterproof and its easy to remove with water, that being said it can easily smudge with any water contact so I recommend being careful with watery eyes. 

-Lengthens lower lashes
-Holds curl all day
-Intense Volume
-Doesn't clump

-Minor flaking
-Tapered tip has excess product

Rating: 4.5/5
Price: 1,500RS

For more information on L'oreal Pakistan, stop by their Facebook page.