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Tuesday, March 04, 2014 Sidrah!!!! 6 Comments

I think we can all admit how convenient online shopping has become. One store that has a pretty good selection of handbags and clutches is I recently picked out a Primark handbag, here are my thoughts!
Primark Handbag from
Primark Handbag from
Primark Handbag from Primark Bag
My Shopping Experience: know their way around customer satisfaction. I placed my order on Feb 13th, immediately I received a call to confirm my order. The next day I received it! It was really quick and convenient to not wait around for my order to arrive. They do offer an exchange within 2 days if you aren't fully happy with it, their staff is helpful and respond immediately with it comes to placing an order and any questions you might have. 

Handbag Review: 

The handbag I picked out is branded from Primark, I had asked them if these are original and they stated that it is. When it comes to the actual bag, I would have to say that the images from the website are quite a bit off. My expectation was a huge let down. I was expecting a sleek and classy handbag, what I received was something far from it. 

The size is pretty big and can fit quite a bit of stuff, its sized at around 32 inches length. I would call this a 'weekend' type since its the ideal size to take with you for an overnight stay. The zippers are very sturdy and is made quite well. The lining of the bag is also made from a good material and its stitched quite sturdy. 

I faced a few disappointments with this bag itself. First, it doesn't come with a strap. The bag does have a hook on each side for a strap, I assumed it would come with one. The bag is made out of Polyurethane material. The texture is rough and the color has a faded, aged look. While I don't mind the overall look, it has a very bulky feel. Not the least bit chic or sleek when carrying it around. 

One aspect that really bothers me that overrides every other fault is the strong plastic scent.  Its utterly annoying especially when its placed near me. Now I'm not that sensitive to smells but this really annoys me. I've never owned a bag which has quite a strong scent so it does give a replica feel.

At the time that I ordered this handbag, it was priced at 3,000rs on Feb 13. The latest price has been increased to 4,000rs which is disappointing considering the look and feel of the bag isn't the best.

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You can visit Platinum on Facebook or on their web store for ordering. 

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  1. 3000 is a huge amount and if you are still not satisfied after spending this much then its very disappointing.....xoxoxo....:)

  2. mmm...i ll be reviewing mine soon too...i m still aghast at the quality of my bag!

  3. For something that is from Primark, that is quite a steep price to pay!