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The Essence Pure Skin range was launched about a month or so ago. I absolutely love the brand for having such low prices on makeup, with a new skin care range will the products live up to expectations? I've got 4 new products to talk about so this is going to be a long review!

Essence Pure Skin SOS Spot Killer

What Essence Say:
Pure skin while you sleep! There it is again – whenever you need it least… a spot! But now there’s an sos helper for emergencies: the essence pure skin sos spot killer! The innovative 2-phase formula with a clearderm complex is super fast and effective as it dries out spots overnight to battle skin impurities. Shake before use, apply on the affected areas after cleansing in the evening, leave on overnight and simply rinse off again in the morning. 
What I think:
Essence Pure Skin SOS Spot Killer is an alcohol based spot treatment that has a white, creamy texture. The product comes in a glass tube and a brush for application. It has a very strong alcohol scent. It contains about 60% alcohol so it’s great for those with small acne breakouts here and there to help dry it out.  

I’ve had 2 breakouts around my chin area and I applied the spot treatment at night before going to bed. It feels very tingly at first but once it dries it stays put until you wash it off. There was no drastic change in the breakout so I tried it again the next night and still it hadn’t cleared up. The third day I did see some slight change in the size of the breakout. 

I would’ve liked if this worked as an overnight treatment, how awesome would that be! Most acne treatments take about a week to show results because by that time the pimple has dried up. Overall this works but you have to be patient with it. 

Rating: 4/5
Price: 590rs

Essence Pure Skin Anti-Shine Pore Refining Serum

What Essence Say:
Triple power! This serum is a true all-rounder and the perfect basis for your daily skin care routine. The fast-absorbing formula with our clearderm complex regulates sebum production and frees the skin of excess oil. The serum visibly refines pores, controls shine and actively battles pimples and blackheads. A highly effective new addition product for a smooth and silky complexion.

What I think:
As someone with an extremely oily t-zone, this would have been a dream! It claims to visibly refine pores, keep your face matte throughout the day and fight blackheads- all of which I have a problem with. 

The product is a clear blue gel/serum consistency. It has a very mild medicated scent to it but that nothing too overpowering. It dries down once its applied.  I tried applying this in a few different ways. The first time I wore this on my t-zone bare without any cream or moisturizer- I took a small amount and massaged it in the areas and nothing! It didn’t make any different on my BB cream application, I paired this with the Pure Skin BB cream thinking I would get a good result. Later I thought that I wasn’t letting the product dry enough, so I applied it and then did my eye makeup. After about 5-10 minutes I still didn’t notice anything different. I've even applied it in a  dabbing and pressing motion, still nothing noticeable. I've been testing this out in various ways for the past 2 months- all of which didn't give a noticeable result.

This didn't work at all for me, as far as the blackhead prevention I didn't notice any less blackheads or spots on my skin with use. It does a good job with prepping my skin before applying any makeup, it hydrates any dry patches you may have. 

Rating: 1.5/5

Essence Pure Skin All-in-One BB Cream

What Essence Say:
Universal: One for all! This lightly tinted cream ensures a smooth, radiant and flawless complexion. It makes small skin imperfections disappear without blocking your pores. The oil and perfume-free beauty balm is with SPF 30 is a must-have amongst foundations for a smooth complexion. This all-in-one BB cream beauty balm, moisturises and smoothes complexion, and has a light formula for a healthy look, less visible imperfections, even, smooth, radiant and moisturised complexion. It doesn't clog the pores. Is oil-free and fragrance-free, and has SPF 30. Dermatologically tested.

What I think:
I got this in the shade 020 Natural. Its has a yellow-peachy undertone which does a great job in giving a medium coverage. The shades are targeted for Asian complexion which is ideal for those who can't find a good matching BB cream.  

The finish is dewy but not too much that it slides off your face. Honestly BB creams aren't meant for oily skin types. I can't wear this on its own throughout the day since it feels very heavy and ends up making my t-zone shine even further. 

I would not skip out on wearing a powder with this, it helps set the BB cream. I do like how it blurs any flaws and imperfections. It blends into the skin easily without any fuss. For dry skin types or for the winter season this would be perfect. 

The only downside about this BB cream is that it doesn't last long on my skin. After about 4-5 hours of wear it fades and I end up looking like I have nothing on my skin. The only way I made the longevity work for me is by mixing it in with my Garnier BB cream for Oil/Combination Skin. It gives the perfect balance of brighten and a nice finish that I can wear all day without feeling too greasy. I love wearing the 2 together lately.  

Rating: 4/5
Price: 700rs

Essence Pure Skin Anti-Spot Cover Cream

What Essence Say:
Undercover… the natural-looking tinted cream with our clearderm complex has a double effect: it quickly and efficiently battles impurities and offers targeted coverage for individual pimples and red areas of skin at the same time! Simply apply on the affected areas, blend softly and enjoy your flawless complexion. Effectiveness dermatologically confirmed. 

What I think:
The Anti Spot Cover Cream is said to fight spots and blemishes while covering imperfections. It has a very creamy consistency with a dry texture which makes it difficult to blend out. The shade is on the beige side, it doesn't help with covering dark spots or undereyes with a purplish tone. It ends up exaggerating imperfections more than it should. I've tried dabbing this onto any spots but it's very difficult to blend into my skin. The coverage is medium which will work on blemishes more easily than with undereye circles.

On my swatch I applied it around my eyes, nose and any darkness around my face. While it covers everything in the photo it looks very unnatural in person but once you blend it out with a good foundation this can work well as a concealer. 

Rating: 3.5/5


For more information and details on the new Essence Pure Skin range, visit them on Facebook. You can purchase Essence online at 

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  1. Looks good! Even tried this brand but will keep an eye on them :)

  2. wow looks good. I like the spot cover bb cream. Great review

  3. I was hoping for better results! Thanks for the review though :)

  4. Great I will check out the Spot covering cream sooooon.

  5. all the reviews are great! the bb cream looks nice :) xx

  6. Looks good on you, and covers your dark circles quite well. But from the review, it seems none of the products might work for a lot of girls. Essence to me feels like a brand for teenagers for some reason :D
    Great review x

  7. your skin is so good MA,the spot covering cream looks appealing to me...thanks for the review sweety!!!!

  8. Liking the spot killer..

    PS: u look so pretty and so is ur skin...its soo fresh..
    thank u for reviewing this in detail

    Nida's Beauty Bag!!

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