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[REVIEW] Pure Matt Lipsticks by Color Studio Professional

Tuesday, August 06, 2013 Sidrah!!!! 12 Comments

The new range of Pure Matt lipsticks are out by Color Studio Professional. Keeping up with the matte lipstick trend, the range offers 28 gorgeous bright and subtle shades. I've got 4 that I'm going to talk about!

What Color Studio Say:
Color Studio Professional debuts the Pure Matt Moisturizing Lipsticks perfect for the summer, off-the-runway fashion season. The range boosts all the nourishment of a moisturizing lipstick in 28 versatile matt shades, ideal for recreating runway looks both day and night.

The high-performance lipstick formula is fused with a blend of Bamboo Extract, Shea Butter and Vitamin E. The unique Shea Butter moisture complex provides a creamy, non-drying, long-lasting color to indulge the lips. The velvety-smooth texture enriched with Bamboo Extract provides an emollient and soothing action to protect and hydrate the lips. Vitamin E eases the application of the lipstick by providing anti-aging and anti radical action for smooth and supple lips.

Color Studio Professional Pure Matt Red Velvet 128
Color Studio Professional Pure Matt ShowStopper 114
Color Studio Professional Pure Matt Atomic 126
Color Studio Professional Pure Matt Monsoon 103
Color Studio Professional Pure Matt Lipstick Swatches
Color Studio Professional Pure Matt Red Velvet 128 Swatch
Color Studio Professional Pure Matt ShowStopper 114 Swatch
Color Studio Professional Pure Matt Atomic 126 Swatch
Color Studio Professional Pure Matt Monsoon 103 Swatch
Let’s Talk About It:
Whenever I go for a bold, vibrant lip color I prefer a matte finish since it add a bit of subtly to the color.  The new range of lipsticks by Color Studio definitely has something to fit your liking. Generally matte lipsticks have a drying texture and they do accentuate fine lines and wrinkles so it’s always good to have a lip balm handy. 

My favorite aspect about these lipsticks is the smell, its a very sweet vanilla scent which doesn't linger if you aren't a fan. 

Show Stopper is a medium reddish pink, it's the only shade that has a tiny bit of shimmer which isn’t noticeable once applied to the lips. It applies evenly and doesn’t accentuate any fine lines or wrinkles, it feels like a different formulation altogether out of the 4. It does leave a slight stain and fades after eating and drinking. It wore about 3-4 hours. 

Atomic is a bright purple tone pink. It appears really toned down in my swatch but it’s a killer pink lipstick. It has a true matte finish and it does feel stiff on the lips after an hour so I need to apply a lip balm on top to make it more comfortable. 

Monsoon and Red Velvet have the driest texture and applies very patchy. I do have to mix in my lip balm with these 2 lipsticks for an even application. Monsoon is bright almost neon coral while Red Velvet is a burnt red. I wore Monsoon out at the Maybelline Bloggers meetup, if you want to see how it looked on me. 

With all of the lipsticks you would need to warm them up on the back of your hand. The warmth melts the lipstick a bit so that it applies smoothly on the lips. All of these do feel weightless on the lips once applied but chances are they will accentuate fine lines so do keep a lip balm handy. 

The Pure Matt lipsticks are said to be enriched with moisturizing ingredients to prevent your lips from drying out. The ingredients include Shea Butter and Vitamin E to help add moisture to the lips. The lipsticks however did fall short of giving a rich moisturizing effect, I would've prefered if these were a semi-matte formulation so that the lips don't feel tight after hours of wear. 

-Variety of Colors
-Showstopper has a rich formula

-Dries out lips after an hour
-Patchy Application

Price: 750Rs

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  1. which will be good red for medium toned ? red velvet or show stopper??

    Nida's Beauty Bag!!

    1. Try out Showstopper! Red Velvet is a deeper red.

  2. Atomic n Showstopper are gorgeous <3

  3. Oh I loovve these! I love how monsoon turns so beautiful on your lips. Great review <3 <3 :)

  4. I got wicked and love it! Its great to see so many variants of red in this collection!

  5. The shades are SO pretty. Matte lipsticks are a bit difficult to work with, I always dab a gloss or lip balm over it. All the shades are really pretty x

  6. love the review.all colors look lovely.Matte lipsticks are a love-hate thing don't u think?they stay bt they r so drying at times

  7. The last two look so good on your lips. xx

  8. Great review! very honest:) i think monsoon looks so yummy can't wait to try it myself. xx

  9. Gorgeous shades! showstopper and atomic are just wow :)