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[NAILS] Minty Blue Cruise

Wednesday, May 08, 2013 Sidrah!!!! 14 Comments

I’m back after a month long hiatus! It wasn’t exactly planned to take such a long time off but I’m sure my blogging sisters know how hectic life can be at times and adding blogging in the mix can be a tough challenge. But without further adieu I wanted to jump back into blogging and bring some great reviews and nail of the days. 
I hardly ever do nail of the days because I hate my cuticles, I try to clip any dead skin but my fingers never look tidy in photos. If you guys can suggest a good cuticle remover type of product I would love to hear your suggestions!

I’ve really been digging pale blues and greens lately so Color Studio’s Mint nail polish was right up my alley. I wanted a bit of pop so I added NX’s nail polish in Cruise on my ring finger and thumb. Both are gorgeous polishes, Mint is more of a pale blue-grey while Cruise is similar to a sky blue hue but a bit paler. I love these hues lately although I hardly ever wear blue nail polish. 

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  1. Glad to have you back.. I have the sameissues with my cuticles.. Annoying lol

  2. Welcome back, Sidrah! Missed your great posts. I can totally understand how hectic it can be, take your time and keep posting once in a while.
    P.S. pretty colors xx

  3. and yes welcome back life is life and it happens:)
    Sparkling Sparkle:)

  4. That's an awesome shade! Loved the clicks..

  5. WB dEAR!tOtally understand how bz life can get!
    Loving this fresh & cool Nail color.

  6. Oh welcome back sweet heart.
    Nice Color

    for cuticle, use any petroleum jelly on your fingers before going to bed.

    There is another totka, which i am doing, since than i got rid for such bad thing... Always wear artificial Ring in your any finger, if you are not a ring person, than wear for one week give gap for few days than again wear any ring. It works :)

  7. good to have you back!! this occurs every once in a while fr me! :/ anyways love the blue mani xx

  8. Lovely! I am obsessed with mints and blues and greens lately! :D

  9. Hey welcome back!
    i just love blues n greens <3
    lovely NOTD

  10. Welcome back. Blue looks cool

  11. Lovely colour. do visit my blog, I'm back in action :)

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