Exclusive Women Handbags Online in Pakistan

Saturday, May 25, 2013 Sidrah!!!! 8 Comments

A handbag to a woman means a lot, and it would be rare to catch a woman without a purse or a handbag. It carries all their essentials, letting them flaunt in their own glam! To most women, handbags complete them with every outfit they own. The next time, peek or simply ask a female friend of yours to let you glance inside her closet. In women’s bevy of accessories, ladies bags prove to be functional and fashionable as well.

For her, bags come in either large or literally small sizes. Each of them suits individually. On the other hand, their salacity for designer handbags is at its apex. I wonder if it’s a blessing for them looking around wondering the same thing if I’d ever seen a woman without a clutch bag or a bag at all.

Pondering on the dimensions of these sumptuous bags, the prime with most space is none other than the duffel bag. Incredibly spacy for short trips to carry toiletries, clothing and some extras, the duffle bag is the ultimate carrier for wild, outgoing ladies. It’s pretty huge. Other fancy accessory carriers include Satchel and Tote handbags that are smaller than the satchelbags and serves for multipurpose. College undergraduates or employees are to be seen with satchel bags to allot some more space for business documents. The smallest you can get is the clutch bag to compliment with your outfit.

Treat yourself with a genuine handbag along discounts while you browse around online shopping in Pakistan. Several shopping websites could be seen catering with best possible convenience for the local populace, with pay cash on delivery, 7 days returns, and free merchandise delivery at your doorstep. For those shopaholics, best deals and new assortment for buying exquisite handbags could be found here.

Stay vigilant ladies to avoid spam, fraud and theft issues while you put your favorite products in your cart. Happy handbag shopping!



[REVIEW] Rimmel Apocalips in Apocalyptic

Friday, May 24, 2013 Sidrah!!!! 12 Comments

Some serious hot pink lips coming you way! I’ve been madly obsessed with hot pink lips lately especially with the hot summer months I love wearing something bold and bright. I picked up the much talked about Rimmel London Apocalips in Apocalyptic after hearing amazing reviews on it. Lets see how it worked out for me!
Rimmel Apocalips in Apocalyptic
Apocalyptic is a vibrant off-the-charts hot fuschia pink. It’s a gorgeous shade, I picked this one up because it stood out the most for me compared to the other shades in the range. 
Rimmel Apocalips in Apocalyptic
Rimmel Apocalips in Apocalyptic
Rimmel Apocalips in Apocalyptic Lip Swatch

Let's talk about it:
The consistency of the lip lacquer is very thick and rich so you get a good color payoff even with the thinnest layer of application. With a thin application is dries matte but with a full coverage application it has a satin texture finish.

The applicator is really unique in delivering product on your lips. With the formula being very creamy and opaque you just need a little amount to cover your entire lips. It has a dense center so you get too much product on the applicator. Because the shade I picked is so intensely vibrant, the dense center works horribly. I end up with too much product on my lips which then transfers onto my teeth. I tend to use a lip brush for a precise application then I go over it with the applicator wand if I want a rich color. 

Although I love the color, I prefer wearing it with a thin layer which gives a soft wash of color without looking too bold. I love how you can tone down the color to make it more daytime-friendly. The product does settle into fine lines on the lips after a few hours when the gloss texture wears off. Although it doesn’t dry out my lips, it does feel a bit tight. The staying power does last for hours without touchups, I prefer applying a bit of lip balm if I notice it settling into fine lines.

Overall, I love the whole concept of these but with such a bright color the applicator is really a pain to work with since applies too much product.

-Vibrant Color Pay Off
-Creamy Texture

-Accentuates Fine Lines
-Applicator dispenses too much product

Rating: 3.5/5
Price: 975Rs
Available: BeautyArena.pk, Just4Girls.pk



Bits n' Things- Random Haul

Thursday, May 16, 2013 Sidrah!!!! 13 Comments

I love a random haul! I visited Saffron and Naheed's recently and picked up a few bits n' things. I initially wanted to visit Saffron to check out their chunky rings but I didn't find anything funky, they had more of those 'sparkly' rings so I settled on a few studs from the jewelry department. 

  • Tiny Stud Earrings (Saffron 60rs)
  • Essence Colour & Go in Chic Reloaded and Grey't to Be Here (Saffron 270rs)
  • Essence 24h Hand Balm (Saffron 155rs)
  • Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lotion (Saffron 490rs)
  • Rimmel Apocalips in Apocalyptic (Naheed's 975rs)
  • Rimmel Lip Liners in Spice and Tiramasu (Naheed's 375rs) 
 See anything you like?


Eye Product,

[REVIEW] Maybelline The Colossal Kajal

Wednesday, May 15, 2013 Sidrah!!!! 11 Comments

Black eyeliners are a staple makeup item in every makeup routine. I love a nice creamy and smooth eyeliner that lasts all day. Generally when I wear eyeliner I expect it to not smudge or budge after hours of wear. With that said the latest product by Maybelline is The Colossal Kajal  Available in Black, let’s find out how this worked out!

I’m sure everyone has seen the video advertisement of this eyeliner, what stood out to me was the intense and crisp cat eyeliner on the model.

Let's Talk About It:
The Colossal Kajal is a retractable eyeliner that twists up to reveal more product. I love using these types of liners since you waste less product compared to a pencil. The formula of this eyeliner is a bit drying compared to other liners I’ve tried including Avon Glimmersticks and Essence Long-Lasting Eye Pencils. 

If I wear it on my upper eyelid, it feels tight and uncomfortable after 3 hours of wear. On the waterline it applies well without tugging, but the color isn’t as rich as I would prefer. Since it is a kajal, wearing it only on the waterline can save you from raccoon eyes. What I liked about this is that it didn’t smudge at all but the color intensity did fade after about 3-4 hours.

Overall, I don’t find myself reaching for this eyeliner often. There are better eyeliners out there in the market, I highly recommend the Essence Long-Lasting Eye Pencil if you are on hunt for a rich creamy twist up eyeliner in different colors.


-Not a rich black color
-Dry Formula
-Uncomfortable after prolong wear

Availability: Just4Girls.pk
Rating: 3/5
Price: 375Rs


Color Studio Professional,

[NAILS] Minty Blue Cruise

Wednesday, May 08, 2013 Sidrah!!!! 14 Comments

I’m back after a month long hiatus! It wasn’t exactly planned to take such a long time off but I’m sure my blogging sisters know how hectic life can be at times and adding blogging in the mix can be a tough challenge. But without further adieu I wanted to jump back into blogging and bring some great reviews and nail of the days. 
I hardly ever do nail of the days because I hate my cuticles, I try to clip any dead skin but my fingers never look tidy in photos. If you guys can suggest a good cuticle remover type of product I would love to hear your suggestions!

I’ve really been digging pale blues and greens lately so Color Studio’s Mint nail polish was right up my alley. I wanted a bit of pop so I added NX’s nail polish in Cruise on my ring finger and thumb. Both are gorgeous polishes, Mint is more of a pale blue-grey while Cruise is similar to a sky blue hue but a bit paler. I love these hues lately although I hardly ever wear blue nail polish.